Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The FULL Story on The Automated Cash App System

Someone was just talking sh*t about my new course and system
so I decided to tell the whole story:
Hi... Bones Rodriguez here....
I made the course, and the system.
I AM the authority on it- There is no one who knows more than me.
Are we clear?
Because I believe that this post is just meant to rile people up so that Galvin can get famous or whatever.
Negativity is popular, but doesn't make much money.
I haven't had a day job in almost 20 years now because of Internet marketing. I'm an actor, and I did a ton of commercials, but apparently I'm old and ugly now....
Shut up.
Anyway- The Cash App System COURSE is a training on how to promote mobile apps quickly, efficiently, and make $5 (or whatever) per referral. It has facebook posts that work, and fb messages that get people moving through the process instead of asking a bunch of dumb ass questions along the way.
("Why haven't I heard of this free $5 thing?")

I made the course because I did literally HUNDREDS of free app referrals, and learned the exact right things to say and do.
When I told other people, they posted stuff like "Hey, who wants to get a free $5!?"
Also, morons would trade a SINGLE dollar back and forth 5 times for cash app.
SUCH a waste of time.
So then, I made a course. I sold it on JVZoo for a while. It's called Mobile Money 2018 and Mobile Money 2019.
HOWEVER, then I realized that I could make SITES that my friends could use to make the referrals while I just explained it along the way.
If you plug your DOSH ID into that URL, then when people see ME explaining it, they might click your link and follow directions.
A lot won't because people are skeptical and stupid.
But then I realized that I could find OTHER apps like those that offer monetary rewards.
Not like "watch a video for $1", but "sign up for $5 and we'll ALSO give your referrer $5"
I wanted my friends to GET PAID to get other people FREE money.
So, I made a site where I put the directions and app links in one LONG page, so people could just walk through it and get free app money.
Wanna see that? Here it is-
It's 3 apps and then a sign up for Lead Lightning because it's only $7.

Then a link to my high-ticket business, where you can make up to $3,000 per sale.
Because THAT'S how you get free- by getting a LOT per sale, NOT by getting a lot of little sales.
Free Money--> Small Ticket---> High Ticket.
But guess what?
No one would do it on their own. No one understood unless I physically walked them through each part.
Plus, the money wasn't that great unless you upgraded all the way.
I was still making money from the sales of Mobile Money 2018 and 2019, so I pretty much left it alone.
If someone told me they needed cash, I would tell them how to get free money and leverage that.
When Paypal shut down my account, I got mad, so I made up a way for people to buy the course I had written with only Cash App as the payment system.
The Cash APP System was Born.
And, just like with the Mobile Money 2019 course, I decided to charge for the "How to promote apps" information, but GIVE 100% commissions on the front end.
THAT was the part people paid attention to.
Honestly, I thought it would just sell a bit, and that would be that.
It was just a pdf download.
But right now, we have about 100 sales a day- THAT I KNOW OF.
I actually don't know because I don't get to see ANY of that money.
And since so many people were coming in, I wanted to give them a way to ALSO get the app referrals- So I built a LONG site with the Power lead system so that they could ALSO get that money.
AND, I could build my power lead system team.
PLS is my favorite way to make money because it has a $7 front end, and up sells to unlimited $100, $400, and $1000 commissions in the back.
Free Money--> Small Ticket--> High Ticket
The thing is, that what was working for me (Selling the info on the front, and upgrading people) is now working for a lot of other people.
By buying it for $27, then downloading the apps, YOU ARE IN PROFIT BEFORE YOUR FIRST SALE.
Even if you NEVER make a sale, you are AHEAD of the game by USING the free app money.
And- if you're ambitious and want to have a REAL full-time Business, you upgrade to the Power lead system, and BUY ALL THE STUFF, like I am known to say in the Official Power Lead System Facebook group.
People are making 100 percent $27 commissions by selling MY Course, to which I ALSO added a FREE site for them to get FREE app money.
I ALSO added a way for them to duplicate the entire funnel for free, but they have to become an affiliate of the Power Lead System too.
So- when you are done reading this DISSERTATION I just wrote, I look forward to you showing your integrity as a man, and publicly claiming you were wrong,
Then, come join us and promote this Everyone-Can-Win opportunity.

Friday, May 10, 2019

How To Promote Kaboom and Make FREE Money with FREE Traffic To Your Website

what's up you guys it is bones Rodriguez

actor author entrepreneur born and

raised here in New York City where I

lived with my wife and two kids I don't

know if that's the greatest intro but

that's the intro I I do so I've been a

member of kaboom for just a couple days

now and I've made 180 bucks paid to pay

directly you know get paid instantly

so the first I'll show you the first two

payments were to my van mo I took a

picture and I posted here we go all

right and then I also got paid to see

the Georgia it's lost their mind Georgia

lost their mind and then I also got paid

to my aura account which if you don't

have an or account you absolutely have

to do that it's just great so many

places are using auto so you get paid

instantly you guys instantly and you can

just go over to the ATM and take out

your money just like that boom no


any time and it's just the way to go so

get your organ card I'm making maybe

I'll put a link down here if you don't

know what I'm talking about

but um kaboom let me just go here so

kaboom here's how so most people will go

and promote kaboom directly and great

because with kaboom free members can

make money listen again free members can

make ten bucks when somebody buys an ad

pack from kaboom traffic great so let's

say you're a free member because you had

you you know you're broke you have no

belief you're willing to spend a whole

lot of time to make ten bucks and rather

than spend 100 you want to make money

with kaboom here's what you do ready

kaboom is for people who have a business

and who want to promote it and the best

people to promote it to or people who

have other businesses okay people like

me I join a whole bunch of stuff because

so many very cool businesses make money

from all of them and it's just fun to do

new things over and over again and

that's what the personality is of the

biz op person it just is

and get used to it I know some of you

guys are like in your MLM phase and

you're like no I want everyone to get my

juice only it's not what happens so stop

fighting against that okay so you invite

the right kind of people to take a look

at kaboom so they can so they can

promote their business okay how do you

do that you can you can join kaboom it's

free you get your leg right so go here

you choose your pages you log in

bah-bah-bah and you get your account

right and see in the past 24 hours I

have 54 page views but Allah made this I

don't know if this means I'm owed 60

still which would be great or I don't

even know but it doesn't matter you grab

your link from kaboom you can just go

like this click copy right and then you

can go out to the make money online

Facebook groups okay I'm gonna tell you

to go over to market my link market my

link calm okay and down here you can get

a free lead system which I think it's

great but you scroll all the way down

here and market my link you can get the

massive Facebook group list okay and

any link comm so if if you just go to

this is step two it'll get you there too

but here this is a free system that you

can use and then add your kaboom link

here ok so this you use this and you can

promote any link any link it emails for

you females for you let me say it again

getting started so I hope you felt

helped talk to you soon

How I made $180 From FREE Kaboom Traffic!

hey what's up you guys it is bones

Rodriguez and I have just made a couple

some more money with aura with kaboom

traffic rich I got paid to my aura card

and I'm gonna show you that so you can

see so here's the back-office is past 24

hours only so could be four pages no big

deal but look that's what counts right

and I guess that's what I'm owed to so

that's cool

maybe there's another sale I don't know

about maybe with two referrals that's

cool right

so yesterday I got paid to my venmo here

and then today here's my own room right

and I got 60 bucks for two my own room

card you guys got to get the O room card

got to get it it's just like it's an

easier of instant pay and it's not you

don't have to deal with all this other

stuff so you know kaboom ax is great and

it's going really well I just made a new

banner where is it yeah I just made this

new banner but how to make money with

kaboom traffic because you might think

hey why are you people are already here

people who are seeing this banner or

already on kaboom site so why would you

advertise kaboom in here I'm not

advertising kaboom I'm advertising how

to make money with kaboom and the newbie

will be the person that isn't paying

attention would be like oh I know I'm

just sending people here but what I do

and what I tell people to do especially

in a situation like this is that it's

not necessarily about kaboom it's about

getting people to your list and then

helping them do whatever it is they want

so I always tell people to go to this is

step 2 dot-com because I give away a

free site a free lead generation system

it's this whole page it tells you this

is free system will be delivered to the

email you enter so don't enter a fake

email and then this video tells you how

to set it up but on this long page I

kind of give

you how to set it up how to earn money

by your leads how to get other people

and get leads for you through using

something like so many hits com I'm I

think I'm gonna put kaboom traffic back

in this also I have a super rotator that

anyone who joins this they get part of

they get to be part of my super rotator

and then there are upgrades just like

with kaboom traffic there are upgrades

on the free system upgrades in so many

hits etc but the whole point and this is

really where I go to is to upgrade so

that you get thousand dollar

Commission's all the way starting from

zero so that's how you know if you're

watching this because you want to know

how I made sixty bucks that's great the

way I made 60 bucks is that I help

people with their businesses okay and do

that when you go to this is step two

dot-com but oops I disappeared now

better but the way to earn money with

kaboom and other free traffic sources is

to help those people who are trying to

get free traffic to get them other ways

of free traffic right so I have a site

called market my link calm and it's a

whole bunch of paid traffic paid works

better it just works better but I

unbirthday ROI and free traffic is

amazing right so you want to get to the

point where you just have a list of

folks who are all interested in the same

thing and that you can email them

whatever it is okay so the way I help

people make money with kaboom is by

getting them this free lead system that

will automatically promote kaboom for

them okay so I'm as well show you again

when you when you get it you go to this

step to calm and you get it it's gonna

tell you to add your link this is where

you add any link you're promoting you'll

put your kaboom offer here okay that's

how that works and of course I recommend

there's a there's a seven dollar upgrade

that is the best seven dollars you will

ever spend in your life and I recommend

doing that so that is it click

Oh - go - this is step two calm and get

your free system get some more free

traffic get some sales of kaboom and

because you your kaboom is profitable

listen carefully you can add more ads to

it and get your primary seen more and

more and more that's how it is

things feeding each other okay that's

the strategy how can you get things to

feed each other talk to you soon but

click below

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Legit KABOOM TRAFFIC Review- Is it Legit, and Not A Scam? Here's PROOF!

what is happening you guys it is bones

Rodriguez let me make this full so you

can see my wonderful self hey what's up

it is bones Rodriguez and I'm gonna show

you about kaboom traffic which as you

saw but I wanted to let you know if

suddenly you start hearing drilling it's

because can you see that is the

balancing there we go see that there

those are knees those are a bunch of

knees thighs and knees that you see

outside my window because they are

making our new terraces so I think all

summer they're gonna be they're drilling

and anyway kids are at the playground

I'm gonna go meet them in a minute so I

just wanted to quickly show you what is

so awesome about kaboom traffic look

yeah it's not solo ads traffic it's not

these are people who are the right kind

of people people who have a business who

want to promote their business and this

is an opportunity and a way for you to

get your ads seen okay so when you log

in here you'll see there's a whole bunch

of ads here right see all these ads back

here all these ads that are all over the

place well this is how it works people

who sign up to use the system end up

seeing ads and their ads all over the

back-office as you see it just started

yesterday and this is the 120 bucks so

far and I mean started yesterday right

and my bad your banners go up for 60

days it is free you can earn money as a

free member okay

when people buy of course but even

there's a very cool little thing here

where is it so the next member to earn

ten bucks will be John Valley because

for every sale some random person gets

or the last person who made a sale I

think gets a ten bucks from that sale so

super cool to get an upgraded package is

a hundred bucks one time again you can

join for free and earn money for free

you want to make sure that you know that

before you go uh hundred bucks I'm going

to do it that's not the deal you can

earn money for free and more importantly

you can get your ads seen by the right

type of people okay

people are already making sales from

their ads that are

there I'll show you what mine are mine

for the next couple days or the next 60

days are these two right I have

something I call the super rotator and I

have a way to promote affiliate offers

and no paid ads in my opinion that's

what you should put back here because

the people back here are already shown

themselves to want that makes sense good

yeah that's a huge tip I just gave you

right so join for free

I suggest you upgrade here's why look

your hundred bucks one time for for 60

days to sales

you got that back and you go and you

move that money somewhere else that's

what you do

someone's calling who's calling me oh

dr. Halliwell well they can leave a

message and client he's a client of mine

and immediate so there you go that's

kaboom traffic and let me show you what

the Facebook just to let you know the

Facebook group after you join I want you

to see look just done making money Sam

making money this is a way to make sure

your banner ads get seen Sam Randall got

up for his primary business okay

he got one here I don't he got $250 sale

from that this is a webinar that did an

update there's a cool video about leads

and says look Tammy Montgomery made 700

bucks it's the first day first 24 hours

got a sale to our primary and that's

what you want right many people just

want a sale for the primary they don't

want to get involved in a hundred or

opportunities that's okay you gonna

spend money on traffic so use this as a

way to get traffic and maybe money also

okay here's something I was telling

somebody other day they were like bones

you just you just jumped in you paid 100

bucks how do you know it works I was

like I don't but here's the thing I paid

a hundred bucks so in a bit of time

within sixty days am I gonna get a

hundred bucks in there I feel like

either someone's gonna buy my primary or

they'll find two other people who also

by then I get the hundred bucks back and

then everything else is gravy that's the

first thing you know um what's his name

Brooks your Hathaway what's the thing I

use I use a lot

he's always talking about the first

thing you got to do when you invest but

Warren Buffett thank you the first thing

you gotta do when you invest is get your

money back right play with house money

you guys if you see me promoting

anything my strategy is to start it get

that money back and then decide if I

want to keep doing it does that make

sense now it's not the greatest because

you figure what the effort you put in

after you make it

your money back you just keep doing that

and that's true but that's my strategy

always put it down get it in there work

to get it back and then play with house

money have buy buttons all over those

all over the web free buy buttons I've

already this is already paid for by me I

paid for it I got the money back from

sales and now whatever happens is gravy

so that's why I'm not scared to jump

into stuff anymore and that's a huge tip

- this actually worked out to be a much

better video than I thought it would be

I just wanted to tell people that this

is good it is good you can make money

from it you get eyeballs on the thing

eyeballs from the right type of people

and that's it so get started there's a

link below if you go to jobs stink comm

slash kaboom join on my link at the

bottom connect with me you know I hooked

my people okay so that's it it's awesome

get to it talk to you soon bye

HONEST "Instant Pay Machine" Review

This system is EXACTLY what you want in an Online Money-generating system: Ease of use, and MULTIPLE STREAMS!! You can get it here now: