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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Is Barack Obama the World's BEST Network Marketer?

By the time John McCain and the crazies were grabbing at straws to slow down the MOMENTUM of Barack Obama's presidential campaign, Obama had already laid his foundation, had recruited his team, and initiated the best MLM campaign the world has ever seen...

From his own mouth, Barack Obama says that his campaign for the presidency started in living rooms, dens, and porches. He said that he was talking with people who wanted HELP, people who wanted a CHANGE.

He traveled all over the country, meeting new people, and finding those who would be willing to make calls for him, introduce friends to his ideas, and work towards the common goal of CHANGE for themselves, their friends, and their children.

At first, a friend of mine declared that she was working on the campaign on facebook, and and she got a lot of flack because he was so unknown, and was still running against Hillary- a well-known politician. She was a young white well-off woman, and her commitment at the time seemed, well... weird.

Slowly, more and more people were talking about his ideas and his campaign for change. I kept hearing about it on the news and other places, and after many exposures, I started to pay attention- but I really didn't care.

Then I saw a vision of the future with McCain winning:

Once I saw that video, the campaign seemed VERY important, and VERY urgent. I guess I hd to see what the alternative was for eme to really pay attention.

Once I heard the message Obama was preaching, the vision of the future he held, and the way he wanted to accomplish this, I was converted!

I wore buttons, made calls, and solicited friends and neighbors to take action and tell THEIR friends and neighbors about Barack Obama and the campaign for Change.

I even got into a few fights, and alienated a few people- but it was the FUTURE that I was working towards- whoever wasn't joining the campaign was fine with me- but would they at least VOTE for him?

Some still said no- they were too scared of "what might happen"

Can you imagine what kind of Network Marketing business you could have if you just got a few people around you who were willing to do all of those things for you and themselves? If you were filled with a vision of the future that you wanted, along with a vision that you didn't want?

We hear all the time that this business is about leadership, and getting people to do things they normally wouldn't for themselves. But Barack Obama was able to transfer his vision of a new America to people who were tired of the life as it was, and who wanted CHANGE.

There were almost 1/2 of the people in the country who didn't believe him, who called him every name in the book, but he kept on telling us his about his vision, and his idea of CHANGE. And he kept on describing that vision.

So- what about you? As you build your business, can you take away some lessons from Barack Obama? Can you make your business more about HOPE and INSPIRATION for many rather than about your bonus check? Can you transfer your vision of the future and the CHANGE versus the vision of a few extra dollars, and still living the same way?

Can you endure people calling you "terrorist", and questioning all of your friends and family members?

I think you can- and I think you can also bring about the CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN.

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