Saturday, April 29, 2017

The $7 Asset ANYONE Can Afford!

This video is great, short, and to the point. Creating assets doesn't have to mean buying million dollar homes, and you can buy or create an "Online Vending Machine" that pays you when it sells stuff,

Watch the video, and then click "Continue" below:


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

AMAZING AFFIRMATIONS! The Affirmations Workbook That You LOVE Writing In Everyday!

If you are someone who has:
....but are still looking for some results:

This blog post is for you.

After having read a ton of books, and done a ton of exercises, and gone to a ton of seminars, I have figured out that there's really only one message any of us really need to cement into our unconscious:


That's it.

Just one.

You want more? Great.

This is the only one that makes any real difference.

  • Are you anorexic? You need to love yourself
  • Are you an alcoholic? You need to love yourself
  • Scared of the opposite sex? You need to love yourself
  • Want too much sex? You need to love yourself
  • Addicted to some behavior you don't want anymore?
  • You're an actor, and you think enough applause will make the difference? 

And you probably don't.

Worse than that, you probably hate yourself on some level for some reason.

Or at least dislike.

You like other people, even love other people.

Despite the common misconception that you have to love yourself before you can love another, I'm sure you DO love other people.

And you're a lot nicer to them than you are to yourself, because for one reason or another, you don' think you deserve it.

All this means is that you would be better off if you loved yourself.

But to actually work to love yourself, and believe it, you need to be BRAINWASHED. 

Brainwashed Into saying and believing:


You need to brainwash yourself into loving yourself.

Do it for yourself.

Or, if that's not good enough reason for you yet, do it for the people you love who love you- even though you don't deserve their love.

In fact- if you WANT to deserve their love, then go ahead and love yourself for THEIR sake.

At least until you are done brainwashing yourself.

But how do you do it?

One day, while watching THE SIMPSONS, I saw Bart Simpson writing on the chalkboard, just like the beginning of every episode.

But this time, it hit me!

I should be WRITING out my ONE single affirmation over and over until it is cemented in my brain.

Seems dumb.

Seems stupid.

Seems too simple.

Don't I need to meditate, and "reach my inner child", and "leave those conversations behind", and walk through fire, and dance and sing and shout?

Maybe, but that's not what this is.

This is ONE simple, ROTE method for changing the ONE belief that makes any damn difference.

***Here's what you do:

Get a pack of cheap 8x11 notebooks from Amazon, or staples, or wherever:

Write in the front cover: "I LOVE MYSELF" The Affirmation Workbook I LOVE Writing In Everyday":

Then turn to page 1, and write "I love myself" in three columns, down the page, about 100 times.


Just sit there, and write it.

You may want to say it aloud as you write it, you may want to sing it. That's fine too.

If you had a third hand, you could tap your meridian points too. 

But you probably don't.

I have no fancy words for it other than to tell you that it's the simplest, easiest, way I have ever seen to get some amazing results.

But they all say that, right?

Well, here's the thing- if you just WRITE IN THIS BOOK like its a TASK (which it is) it will work for you:

No unconscious audios, no communing with spirit, just ROTE, MECHANICAL actions.

You can do that, can't you?

Not sure? Then your first 100 writings will be "I Can Do This".

And just so you know that I am doing it too:

And you know what? 

At first, it was weird.

Then it was fun, and novel.

Then it was dumb.

And now I look forward to it.


It takes 7 minutes.

Not 5, not 10, but about 7 minutes.

You can take your time, or you can rush.

If you miss a day, you just pick up where ou left off.

No "makeups" unless you want to punish yourself.

But someone who loves themselves wouldn't punish themselves over something so dumb as writing "I love myself" in a book over and over.

Besides, is that a punishment?

It's a statement of fact.

Or is it?

If not, I have a great ROTE task for you....

Jump up to the ***Here's What You Do section....

and repeat.

Because it's the Affirmation Workbook You LOVE To Write In Everyday!

Let me know how you like it! Post pictures, videos, whatever!

Monday, April 24, 2017

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

[Video] Why You're Always Tired, and How To Fix It (not just sleep?)

This is a quick, but info-packed video for those of us who would like to feel more rested.

Of course, I used to be tired because I was going out and having sex... now, it's because I have a toddler!

Click below after the video for my favorite video on the internet!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Back From The Dead!

Today, a whole bunch of people are celebrating the pagan 
recognition of the beginning of Spring.

In what may be the most convoluted religious mish-mosh
ever, people all over the world celebrate different things
on the same days, and swear they are all legit.

So, Bunnies and eggs are Pagan rituals of Spring,
Feasts and dinners are Jewish celebrations of NOT being killed,
and Christians think Jesus was resurrected, and astronomers
follow the newly risen star that was "dead" for three days.

HOWEVER, it is all ONE thing in common:



And the Earth herself begins to breathe in again,
as the trees bloom and generate oxygen they expelled
during the winter.

But what about YOU?

How will YOU "renew"?

I started taking a course on RESURRECTING my acting career
which has felt like it's at a plateau now for years.

I've been successful, but in the same spot for a long time.

It's time to RENEW.

I have been getting up at 6am everyday to workout and read
something positive to get myself going, and it fees great.

The class I am in has been inspiring me to grow OUT
of my past excuses and fears.

And I wanted to pass on this message to you:


You can be resurrected, celebrated, and worshipped.

And you deserve it,

You've sacrificed enough to fear, doubt, and "practicality"

It's time for YOU to slough off the mortal coil and RENEW
whatever parts of yourself you want. 

You can start today, and start over again every day
Every hour
Every minute
Every second.

And each time you do, you can bring yourself



Friday, April 14, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser- Yay!

I know- you just wanna skip to it... Well, here it is:


Yes, so I guess LUKE is not the last Jedi, but you already knew all of that, right?

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Ladies: No One Will EVER Pay You What You're Worth Unless....

I watched this TED Talk this morning, and I think everyone should watch it.

So, I used 2 marketing tricks to get you to although it's directed to everyone, I think by announcing to WOMEN that this blog post is for you, you'll watch it. And also, by calling out "Ladies", it might be a little bit annoying or jarring to some, so here you are! Remember, I did it for your benefit!
After the video, click below:

Hey Greg! John Oliver Kills The Marijuana Question

Hey Greg (see the video),
This is the way that America is stupid. We do things without actually paying attention,
and making things MAKE F*CKING SENSE.

Watch the video, then click below:

I prefer to work for myself, so no one can fire me for DOING SOMETHING LEGAL.

How about you?

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