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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Barack Obama, MLM, and The United States of America...

A number of my "MLM Friends" were big McCain fans. A lot of them bought the line about Obama being a Socialist, and we all know that MLMers are all about Capitalism and free enterprise.

However, what they might not realize is that their precious Capitalistic MLM is froaght with many, many socialist features...

It's kind of like showing someone MLM, and them screaming "PYRAMID!!"- it just takes a little bit of knowledge to see the truth:

First of all, there's really no such thing as pure capitalism- where the best product at the best price wins, and if your company is providing that best product at the best price, your company will win. There are many other factors that go into buying, and most companies feel they have th best product at the best price, so who's to say? Moreover, any disruption in that model- marketing, slogans, sale prices, and referrals all disrupt pure capitalism.

In MLM, there are may different Juice comapnies, many different pill companies, and many services, all who claim to have the best product or service. More than that, they also claim to have the best compensation plan, and a compensation plan is one of the features that is pretty fungible; meaning that the $300 you make at one company is the same as the $300 at another.

However, every compensation plan is "weighted" differently between a new person and a "heavy hitter". Some people prefer a compensation plan that is geared towards the new person, so that they comp plan pays better at the "lower levels". And yet, you want something that still rewards the "heavy hitter", so that the ambition to grow is always rewarded. A comp plan can be weighted one way to ruin, and to the other way to ruin also. Balance between the two brings success.

In the U.S., after 4 years of George W. Bush and the new republican philosophy, the comp plan for the U.S. was too heavily weighted towards the "heavy hitters" at the top, and didn't allow the small guy or the new person to prosper. That's why the U.S.'s comp plan bottomed out, and we have the recession we're in now, which will be a depression very soon.

What many of the McCain people were scared of is that Obama was going to come in and "take away" from the upper levels, in some sort of unjust robin hood way, not realizing that the plan was weighted too much on the top already. It was time to BALANCE the comp plan by putting in better incentives at the lower levels.

In order to win, McCain's camp was calling this "Socialism", but they were just trying any and everything they could to win. There was no basis for this other than Obama saying "spread the wealth around".

Instead, Obama's plans are to BALANCE the U.S.'s comp plan, so that all of the participants can benefit instead of just the heavy hitter friends of Bush's.

MLM itself already has many socialist features:

You know how we all pay for the room at an opportunity meeting? That's a Socialist idea.
You know how we ALL benefit from the company doing ads and commercials? That's a SOCIALIST IDEA.
You know how we try to work together to lift up the whole company- that's a SOCIALIST IDEA!

If we were REALLY "cut-throat Capitalists", we'd be competing for each and every recruit, and tearing each other down to get the sign-ups. No one would EVER attend an opportunity meeting, because we'd all be trying to steal each other's guests. Do some people do that? Yes- does it work for them? Not in the long run.

But this is exactly what was happening in the U.S.- the guys at "the top" were ruining the market for everyone- including themselves.

So, precious Capitalistic Network Marketers, I hope the next time you hear someone screaming "Socialism" as a way to denegrate someone else, I hope you take the time to THINK about it, rather than just assume it's a negative. As wonderful as our capitalistic ideals are, they are just as impossible as pure communism, so the best way to run a government, and an MLM is to have BALANCE.

Next article: Why Barack Obama is the World's BEST Network Marketer...

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