Saturday, February 08, 2020

Two Kids Spent 8 Years Recreating 'Toy Story 3' With Real Toys- And It's AMAZING.

I saw this headline, and I could NOT believe what it promised.

A "Real-Life" Toy Story 3... all in Stop motion?

And so I clicked, and OMG, it's real. This is somehow more of an achievement than the original movie to me! You HAVE to share this.

It's absolutely mind blowing to me that two kids would take all this time to do this, and when you see the level of detail they did, and how they get better as the years go...

It;'s inspiring.

I have spent years learning to make money online, and teaching people to get a second income from home with three simple actions, but maybe I'll go into movie making now!

Congrats to these two kids!

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