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Monday, April 14, 2008

Internet Marketers are full of SH*T!!!!!

I was having a talk today with a very entrepreneurial friend, and we got to discussing the whole "Info-preneuring" thing. That's when you sell your expertise about something. You could say my book, Captain Kirk's Guide To Women is like that.

However, we were talking about a person who teaches this from an online aspect, and well.... she is NOT an expert. I've learned that if you make $5 doing something, you'll make $25 teaching other people to make that 5. So, it reminded me of something I wrote a while that can be found here:

Here it is:

"Internet Marketers" are:


Bones Rodriguez Tells the TRUTH and challenges the rest of them to do the same- and you Get the WHOLE STORY!

Date: Monday March 17, 2008

From: Bones Rodriguez- Actor, Author, Entrepreneur

Let me explain what I mean:

At first, the sheep newbie buys a whole lot of information from guru internet marketers whom they admire because everyone realizes that working 40 hours a week for 40 years is a recipe for misery and poverty.

After spending a lifetime of money on everyone’s ideas, the sheep learns some concepts and techniques, and gets up the guts to put them to work. They MIGHT have their own business, but quickly discover that:

it’s FAR easier to sell to the “internet marketing” crowd than any other.

As the crowd gets bigger and bigger, only a small percentage throw their hat into the “guru” ring- the pie grows faster than the new gurus can proclaim themselves.

So, they start becoming “affiliates” using the same information. Maybe they even write their own.
There’s nothing wrong with any of this.


After a while of learning to “build a list”, they start promoting their own products to the list. After they have made a few sales, they realize that they actually CAN create an income, and even learn to recommend other people’s stuff.

This is where the slope gets slippery, and the sheep changes into a wolf.

Having run out of their own information, and having run out of sales, the wolf looks to the “other guys” to either be affiliates for them, or knock-off someone else’s information, repackage it, and sell that too.

Suddenly, they’re part of the “in” crowd, where they buddy-up with other wolves, and wear each other’s sheep costumes; “promoting” each other, but really just shearing the same people over and over.

And the wolf who gives the biggest kick-back wins.

I can’t help but twinge a little every time I notice someone does a “big roll-out” of some product that’s basically a knock-off of someone else’s, and the wolves all promote it to each other’s sheep.

They have a big celebration, and pat each other on the back:

“So-and-so made $100,000 in one day! You can do it too!”-

They’re not lying; the guy DID make that- and they’re happy because they all know that next week, it’ll be their turn.

When everyone is selling the same thing, no one is selling anything.

I was headed down this path; I was writing new stuff, and finding new people, and started to get to know a few of the gurus.

They’re stressed out, constantly needing to make new products, and FEED on each other’s lists like junkies.

Again, they didn’t MEAN to do it; it just came with the territory. And now they’re trapped, because stopping would mean going back to misery and poverty.

If a sheep wanted help, their usual answer was another product that addressed their particular problem. If they didn’t learn it, it’s their responsibility.

Whereas it MIGHT help the sheep, it DEFINITELY helped the seller.

I’m not saying that it’s on purpose, and I’m not saying everyone does this; actually, most of the information given out is great. However, if we’re all saying the same thing, and all promoting each other, all while shearing the newbie sheep, there’s something wrong, isn’t there?

I say “we” because I was headed in that direction, but I had to stop. I wish I could sit here and say that the moral implications are what stopped me, but they weren’t-

I just wasn’t good at it.

Sure, I could have learned, and I could have “buddied-up” better, but I just didn’t. Somewhere I knew it was all wrong, and I felt like a fraud.

Fortunately, I found something that pays me based on how well I help OTHER people.

If I shear them, I get almost nothing.

But if I HELP THEM, then I get paid wonderfully.

So, I’m inviting YOU to help me actually HELP people, and get paid based on it.

To get paid on actually HELPING PEOPLE create an income, and HELPING them learn the new mindsets, new attitudes and new successes that the new world needs.

The whole “promoting each others’ stuff” is getting ridiculous, and leaning towards the immoral.

You HAVE TO know what I‘ve been describing.

Yeah, you do.

Again, I’m not saying that it’s on purpose or insidious, but I AM saying that someone has to stop it-

I’m asking if you’ll help me rescue the sheep, find them a home, and STILL be paid residually and magnificently.

If that sounds like a challenge you’d like to take on, email me.

Let Your Light So Shine Before Men,

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Why your palm hurts....

I LOVE my cellphone/pda the TREO 650.
This love for my device has a good lesson in it- and
it's not what you think.

It's ok to love an inanimate object.

Excuse me-

wait a second-

this message is to tell you why I now HATE
by cellphone/pda TREO 650.

I found out recently that the pictures I have been taking and saving to my
computer were actually NOT being saved to it.

I figured it was something I had done wrong, but after spending an HOUR
with 4 different people from PALMONE, found out that the software that
connects my phone to my computer ONLY does that if you use the software
FROM THE CD that came with the device.

That means that the software (of the same name) that I had to DOWNLOAD from THEIR
site- the "UPGRADED" version does NOT have that functionality.

I asked why not- as any customer would, and the answer was that they
didn't have the rights to send it online, only with a CD.


"Sure- that'll be $19.95"

HELL NO. I bought the damn thing, I used the CD, but eventually had to UPGRADE, and now they said that I have to PAY to get the functions that were supposed to be there to begin with?

That was after an hour, by the way.

So guess what? I'm going to get the CD from a friend who still has his,
and then instead of getting the NEW TREO 700, or 750, or 800,

I'll be buying an I-Phone.

I think you should too.

F*CK PalmOne.

So what's the lesson? Don't THROW your customers to your competitors
by being stupid.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Mutha-F*%kin P-I-M-P...

I am ALWAYS telling people to put their money in different places.
I like to take money from businesses and buy real estate.
At least, that's the plan right now.

Gangsta Rapper 50 Cent has a different plan:

According to, Coca Cola has purchased Glaceau, the creator of the highly successful Vitamin Water franchise for $4.1 billion dollars. 50 Cent, who owns 10% of the business, will earn over $400 million dollars from the transaction.

Not bad for Rhyming over beats, huh?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Your Commercial Sucks- Dominoe's Pizza

There is a commercial on right now for Dominoes where there is a couple in a hot tub, and just when they are about to kiss, the dominoes delivery guy says "3 medium Pizzas for 5 bucks?" or something like that. Actually sounds like a good deal.

The woman then eyes the pizzas, and they cut. When we come back, we see that the woman left BOTH of the guys in the tub alone.


That does NOT make me want to get Pizza. The lesson I learned in that commercial was that if I get those pizzas, I'll LOSE the girl!

I guess I had better NOT buy those pizzas- even if it IS a good deal!!

Your commercial SUCKS Dominoes.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm BACK from Haiti and Jamaica!!

I had the BEST time- I missed my wife terribly, but I HAD THE BEST TIME!!

Next year, I want to bring 100 people with us- don't YOU wanna come?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The BEST Scam Ever!!

Ok- so you don't care WHAT you do, what the hell kind of opportunity, business, or scam that you can get into, you just wanna get some cash, be successful, and rock the world, right?

I don't blame you.

Well I have a BIG secret for you- a BIG SECRET that the government, society, and your friends don't want you to know- a secret SO POWERFUL, that it can make you Rich, Beautiful, and best of all- RIGHT all the time!

Listen carefully to part one:

1- You can get RICH by doing PRACTICALLY NOTHING!!

All you have to do is investigate any or all of the opportunities you see, spend ALL of your money on CD's, DVD's, Beer, and hookers- then you sit back and watch the cash roll in! DO NOT attempt to READ anything or LEARN anything, just BUY IT. DO NOT follow any directions, and for GOD'S SAKE watch ALL of the TV you can- but don't TRY too hard!

That's right- just by being lazy and doing NOTHING you can get rich! The government doesn't want you to know these CAREFULLY GUARDED SECRETS, but I'm telling you-

You can do NOTHING- just be sure to BLAME everyone else for your "misfortune".

This BLAME is the key! You can GUILT people into giving you money!!

That's how simple it is!!! Just DO NOTHING to make money, and then GUILT someone who IS making money and being "productive" into giving you some!


These tactics were long-guarded secrets, but humans forgot about them. We now are living in an age that makes this possible again!

This time-tested secret works not only with money, but with OTHER parts of your life too:

2- You can become BEAUTIFUL and FIT by doing PRACTICALLY NOTHING!!

DO NOT exercise, and DO NOT eat well. In fact, if you sit in front of the television, and ONLY EAT what is advertised and is in a box, you'll do very well with this ancient secret.

Continue to SHOVEL food into your mouth, and be sure not to burn any calories doing it- then when you get FAT and SICK, you can blame the government, food companies, your parents, and SOCIETY for your "health issues"!

By using this BLAMING technique, you'll be able to GUILT them all into paying your medical bills, insurance costs (they rise y'know), and you'll get them to visit YOU because of your new-found "conditions".

Not to mention that you can GUILT them into liking you!

If you become unattractive to the opposite sex, you can call them shallow and one-dimensional. You can say things like "They just want us to be perfect". You can say that they have NO DEPTH of LOVE for your "true" self, and only your body.

And if you find someone who DOES like your new look and shape, you can guilt them for having a "sick-o fetish" for fatties- DON'T PUT UP WITH IT!!

Guilt and Shame- they work EVERYTIME!!


This one I admit takes a little genuine idea-creating on your side, but if you practice, it's something you can do anywhere, anytime, and it NEVER FAILS:

During any conversation where you think someone is saying something that you disagree with (or even if they don't say it, but they LOOK like someone who would), just say these words:


If they begin to talk, or ask any STUPID QUESTIONS that might contradict you, CUT THEM OFF and say again:


This is a fool-proof way to ALWAYS BE RIGHT, and NEVER have to listen to anyone else again!

You use the same BLAME and GUILT techniques I've been describing for you- you BLAME GOD by saying that it's what "HE" (or "SHE" if you're having THAT argument) says, and then GUILT them by being shocked that they don't know that already- AS THEY SHOULD.

This works for Jews, Muslims, and Christians the best, but if you're of a DIFFERENT faith that is 100% correct all the time too, you can make up your OWN bible, or just say "HE (or SHE) TOLD ME IN PRAYER"- that works too.

So remember- BLAME and GUILT are ALWAYS available to you, and the more your practice the more you will be


What IS Money?

Man Alive! There was a time when I just spent money as fast as I had it.


I think it had something to do with not understanding what money was.

I used to think that it was created to be spent, and it didn't matter what it was spent on, but as long as I didn't have it- it was ok.

Maybe it had something to do with always seeing people around me doing that, or because I had some issues about my skin color! Maybe it was just that I didn't have anyone to tell me what money really is-


The energy of CHOICE.

When you have more money, you have more choices-
everyone knows that, but what you maybe don't know is that the less money you have, the less choices you have.

When you've got it, you can choose your doctors, your education, your friends. When you don't, you are going to the worst places, the worst people, and the worst friends. that's right- I said it.

Poor people make WORSE friends because they'll sell you out for enough money! Hell, I'd trade you in right now! - just kidding.... (well, wait- how much?) but you know what I mean.

Poor people do NOT go to the best doctors, and they don't get to go to the best schools. If you start to think of money as energy, and choice energy, then maybe those new sneakers won't be so cool.

Or maybe buying that STUPID ASS ringtone won't be so alluring.

Now, don't get me wrong- if you want these things, then great, but I just want you to realize that you are taking away from some of your other choices, or rather that if you want that, and the same choice, then you should make more money.

There is enough money in the world for everyone, just as there are enough choices for everyone, but some of us squander it. I used to do that all the time, and I can't say that this energy idea came as a flash. It came slowly, as I realized my friends spent money on things that I slowly lost interest in.

Wow- Drugs are a waste of time! I mean, they can be fun, I guess, but they're just not something that you should INVEST IN, y'know?

So, think about that- when you are investing TIME and ENERGY (both are money), make SURE you know where you want it to go.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

There's a plague in the world.

In the world of HALO, a game on the XBOX 360, the main
character can fight and overcome amazing odds- including
destroying a planet full of Zombie-like mutants.

However, this plague is invincible.

It's the plague of QUITTING.

Whenever I play HALO online with people from all over the world,
what ruins the game is the inevitable QUITTING of some of the players.

What can begin as a challenging 4-on-4 deathmatch can quickly deteriorate
into a boring 2-on-4 stompfest.

Boring for the 2, and REALLY boring for the 4.


You can't have a good game when people quit before it's over.
The winners don't feel like winners, and the losers feel cheated.


And of course, this is not just about HALO, but about anything-
including the game of life- so many people quit before the game is over;
It's no wonder that people have trouble being happy.

You either WIN or you LEARN, but when you quit, you LOSE.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tough as MORTAR...

Last week I invited one of my customers to, and she immediately got angry with me:

"All you guys do is promote stuff, and then never help anyone, and then I spend all
this money, and never make anything!"

Well, I was a little taken aback.

"You're ALL SCAMMERS" she said.

But instead of explaining what "Personal Responsibility" meant, I decided to dig a little deeper.

Turns out that she had just bought some "Ebay business marketing package" for $3700 and she was very frustrated. She said that it came with loads of info, but it was too much to digest, and with what she did, she had not made any money at all.

I asked her a bunch of questions, and it sounded like it was a good deal, with a lot of info, but just too much for her to handle.

I then asked her what she did with the product she bought from me for $57.

$3643 dollars less.

She had created a site about smoothies and health products, but really hadn't made any money with that either.

She sent me to the site, and I could see why.

She had done the EASIEST thing to do with my system, which of course SO MANY others had done, so the competition was knocking her out. She couldn't make any money because other people were doing what she was doing, but doing it BETTER.

So, I asked her some more about herself.

At first she got mad and angry when she told me that she has spent a ton of money on work-at-home things- which she called "scams"- but had never turned a profit.

I asked what else she did.

And that's when she said it.

I laughed and had to ask her again.

She said it, and I had to ask for clarification.

She said "Well, I have a hobby of creating mortar garden fountains by hand"


Not only that, but she made them for her friends and neighbors. She loved doing it, and she often went to the store to find different rocks and stones to build them.

SO I asked her the $1 MILLION dollar question:

"If you can do THAT, why on EARTH are you making Websites about SMOOTHIES?"

"..." was her answer.

I told her that what she was doing was a skill that people would LOVE to learn.
Not only that, but they would PAY HER to teach it.
MOREOVER, they would buy books about it, dvds about it, and live advice.
They would even hire her to make them and have them sent.
Then I gave her my BEST secret about what she should do with it.

I explained that THIS is where her business should be.

Mind you, this phone call was almost an hour long, and she got my time for free.

I explained to her how she could use some of the ideas and techniques in the system she got from me to implement her MORTAR FOUNTAIN business.

On top of that- I told her how she could use what she learned in the $3700 course on Ebay for selling her fountains and her skills on Ebay.

She was excited.

I could hear her breathing go from shallow angry breaths to deep, fast breaths.
I could tell her head was swimming with possibilities.

I told her how she could make a TON of money doing what she loved, and that all she had to do was apply what she had spent all this time learning.

I could hear her smile was reaching from ear to ear.

Then she said it.

Bomb #1:

She said "But I don't know anyone who's interested in that"

I told her- "you are- and you cannot be the only one. That's what the internet is FOR- to FIND people who have your passion for the same thing"

Then she said another:


She said "But I couldn't describe how I do it in a book"

I told her- "Sure you can, and you can have someone interview you about it, and you can just talk. You can create ANYTHING around it."

Then she said another. And another. And another.

EXCUSES that were really just her fears.

I had to raise my voice at her!

I told her that HER WEALTH was right in front of her right now, and she was CHOOSING to fail before she even got started.

She recognized it, and smiled big.
Took a deep breath, and said words I LOVE to hear:

"Bones, you're right!"

Hahaha! Jackpot!

She told me she would think about what I said, and maybe get started.

I was thrilled and excited because I was able to help someone who started the conversation by calling me a scammer, and help her find EXACTLY what would make her happy and wealthy.

I even told Laura this story later that day, and I have been thinking about her for a week.

I decided to call her today to see how she had fared, and if I could help her-
Just 'cuz I'm a good guy like that.

Y'know what?

She had done NOTHING.


She told me that she couldn't make a dvd because she didn't have a digital camera.

Oh well.

Another one bites the dust.

At least I know now that it was HER ALL ALONG.

I wish I had a happy ending for this story, but right now, it's just dead.

I certainly hope she chooses differently, and it got me thinking about in what way do I refuse success?

Actually, I think I already know the answer to that.

I gotta go now- I have to go call Steven Spielberg!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hey- I didn't expect that!

Don'tcha LOVE it when you get a surprise check in the mail?

Today, I got paid for a "LAW and ORDER SVU" episode that I shot- THREE YEARS AGO!!

Yeah, so I did it three years ago, (I said three words) and I got paid when I shot it, when it played, when it's played in syndication, and apparently a few more times.

I LOVE residual income!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A WEIRD Business

MLM is a weird business; it's actually the REVERSE of a regular retail business-

In Retail, you mark up whatever product as it travels through the distribution channel; ie. the Maker charges the wholesaler, who charges the retailer, who charges the customer.

But in MLM, everyone pays the same price, and then the maker pays OUT from the volume of profit.

It's backwards.

And yet, as far as OWNING an MLM business goes, it's kinda the same. Even though we are actually selling the SYSTEM of business, you could think of it as looking for customers for the product OR the system, and whoever spreads the product the best, gets paid the best.

So, having an MLM business works for the guy who has a SUIT, and BUSINESS CARDS, and it also works for the guy who is in a T-shirt and writes down stuff on napkins-

ESPECIALLY in this internet world.

At least, that's what I think right now.

Let Your Light So Shine Before Men,

Bones Rodriguez

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