Monday, March 31, 2014

Netflix just made your FIREFLY DREAM come true!!!!


I know, I know. I don't even know what to say.

Apparently, after they are done with the AVENGERS, Whedon

is going to bring back a SEASON of FIREFLY.

That means ONE THIRD more Firefly content!

OMG, The Browncoats are going to be singing!!


Oh.... wait a sec. It was an April Fool's Joke.

Not funny.

But now, you know how I felt.-

Breaking: Netflix to Relaunch FIREFLY | the TV addict:

"How can I be happy?" Here's A Great Answer.

People often ask about happiness and how to create it.

That's a clue. Here's a great video on a source that few people think about:

"How can I be happy?" Narrated by Stephen Fry - That's Humanism! - YouTube: "

Doesn't THAT sound like a preferable way to create happiness in your life?

I agree!

Internet Traffic Formula- Live NOW

Very Simple:

Internet Traffic Formula

Has been gaining momentum all week, and I already got it.

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Two Legged Dog Defies The Laws Of Physics... and Love.

Two Legged Dog Defies The Laws Of Physics... and Love.

I don't get it.

Not only does this dog run around and play on only two legs... he seems HAPPY.

He is having fun, enjoying his day at the beach, and is being loved all on only two legs,

and it made me think about how little we actually need to be happy.

Maybe just watching this video will do it, but sharing might do more:

Two Legged Boxer Duncan Lou Who - First Trip to the Beach - YouTube: "

There's also a big web-traffic course launch today, but I had to post this wonderful video too.

Do me a favor, and share this, ok?

Monday, March 24, 2014

3 Things You Need

People wonder what I mean when I say that "I help people make money online".
They think it's some crazy scheme or scam...

Even some people who have bought things from me... ONLINE.

Dumb, right?

Well, in short, there are three things you need:

1- Something to sell. (Product or service)
2- A way to get people to see it (Traffic to your site)
3- A system that lets people buy it! (Website and Payment)

Finding #1 is pretty simple.
If you don't have anything to sell, try SELLING THIS.

#2 and #3? That's where the trick is.

So, I'm learning from one of the best people:

The thing a lot of people don't understand though, is that it's LEARNABLE.

and if it's LEARNABLE, then it's something you can learn to do, so it's not out of your reach.

I'm watching the video series, and if you wanna learn with me, click below:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Got A Nomad Charge Key!

I LOVE My Nomad ChargeKey!

The way it works, and the way they marketed it was genius! It seems pretty durable, and flexible, so I hope it'll last. It's super convenient with the little battery I got for my phone, and it can also hook up to any laptop:

Totally worth it, and obviously pretty cheap to make!

Get yours at RIGHT HERE

 So, Chloe- where's my free one?

Great Supplement To YouTube Money Machine

Add This To Your YouTube Strategy

If you've already read my YouTube book: "The YouTube Money Machine- How To Make Money Online With YouTube Videos", then you got a great, fun, do able foundation for building a business and traffic with YouTube.

(If not, what are you waiting for? Get it HERE.)

In my book, I give an intro and step by step instructions, along with case studies and tricks for traffic. But there is a newly released book which makes a great add-on to mine. This new YouTube Traffic Blueprint is a great supplement to that foundation, and it's specially available for three days:

The YouTube Traffic Blueprint gets to the point very quickly, and I've even left it open on my computer to double-check some of my channels and videos, because there are some new tips that I missed. It's on a special price, and I have no idea what they're going to do with it after the special, but for only $7, I snatched it up immediately.

If you have anything for sale, and aren't using YouTube, you're crazy. And if you are already using it, the tips on this book will give you AT LEAST an extra sale, which makes it worth it.

Get your copy HERE before they increase the price, buy now you know that one tip can make all the difference.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Need Traffic? Me Too! Here's What I'm Doing.

If You're Trying To Get Traffic To Your Website or Blog, This Is For You... And Also Me.

Traffic is the Holy Grail of the Internet marketing and business crowd. It seems like just "getting people" to your website will solve all of your problems, but that's not how it works. You know how I learned that?

Through doing home parties for my MLMs.

They always said "Just get people there!", but it wasn't what worked. I had to learn some thing from someone who knew what they were doing, and I'm finally going to learn from THE Traffic guy.

Here's OUR chance:

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why Is MLM So Difficult?

If MLM is too difficult,
it might just be the way you're doing it...

Date: Thursday March 13, 2014
From: Bones Rodriguez- Actor, Author, Entrepreneur


Let me tell you the "usual" MLM story...

A distributor gets a DVD on an MLM business opportunity, and after checking out the information, you are completely blown away by the presentation, and decide to join.

I mean, "3 Get 3" is a simple idea!

All they have to do is buy stuff every month, right?

Let's Go Get Rich!

You care about your friends and family, and wouldn't it be great if we could all get rich together? 

So you start calling, texting, emailing, and facebooking people like a maniac.

You start driving all over town sampling your product to friends and family ("You have to try it!"), telling them about the amazing benefits.

You tell them how the business opportunity could fix every problem they ever have!

You faithfully host 2 to 3 home parties weekly, and your vehicle is completely jammed packed with products, brochures, CDs, DVD's anything affiliated with your business.

If it exists, you own it!

Still, getting people to invest in your business is no easy task.

In fact, most people you show your MLM to love the product and the business model, but were not willing to join because of some unknown reason.

Maybe they don't want more money... or time... 


Of course they do.

Doesn't everyone?

What's wrong?

Besides, who else wants to run around all over town like you're doing, and harassing people all the time?

After about 8 months into your MLM business you find it extremely difficult to keep the people who joined your team on auto-ship...

It seems like every month at least 5 - 7 people are canceling their orders.

Your weekly checks hardly reflected how much TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY you're truly putting into your MLM Business.

Sound Familiar?

Unfortunately most people who join an MLM don't survive past 120 days, which means you've got to become a "recruiting machine" every single month just to keep momentum in your downline.

(This can become extremely exhausting.)

But... what about "3 Get 3"?

If you don't personally enroll at least 10 to 15 people into your business each month, it will be extremely difficult for you to earn any serious income working your business.

What happened to "The Dream"?

So you try again with a "New" Business...
and the cycle starts all over again.

And Again.

And Again.

So, instead of doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result, I have a suggestion for you...

How About Doing Something


Monday, March 10, 2014

Entreperformer Business Makeover- Acting Coach

Acting Coach Business Makeover

My friend Dana Daurey is an acting coach, and she has some great clients who praise her work with them. I met her doing a SEARS commercial a few years ago, and despite being super cute and pretty, she was HILARIOUS... (She's the little one):

She had created a new profile on Facebook in order to find new clients for her coaching. Her hope was that some of her friends would tell others, and she'd never have to find clients again. Well, we know that doesn't really happen, so I told her that she might be better off doing a facebook PAGE, and advertise for clients directly.

I took a look at her website, and gave her a MAKEOVER. I hope you learn from it too:

Entreperformer Business Makeover- Acting Coach - YouTube: "

Get more from Dana at

If you learned something from this, then you'll probably get a lot out of my book: "No More Waiters- How To Build Your Acting Business WITHOUT A Day Job". You can get that at and get a free report on the ever-changing world of acting.

If you want to make money with your own "Business in a box" here-

Sunday, March 09, 2014

My "I Love New York" Commercial- Baseball Hall Of Fame

My "I Love New York" Commercial- I take My Son To The Baseball Hall Of Fame

I recently shot a commercial for New York, my home state. It's for their new campaign for "I Love New York", and in this case, it features the Baseball Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown NY:

We were up there for a few days, I got to practice being Daddy with my new friend Vinicius, and he got to have Bones Rodriguez as his dad... He's still alive!

I wanted to show you that I'm out there, auditioning, and booking work- you can too!
Subscribe, share, and join me on this journey!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Auditions Require Courage- Got Some?

Nervous Auditions- Do You Have Them?

I am extremely confident when it comes to doing improv, and auditions for commercials. Most people are terrified of just getting in front of an audience without a script, but for me, it's an opportunity to help my audience enjoy themselves... They are LUCKY to see me perform for them!

However...I'm not all that used to auditioning for TV pilots., even though my skill set is EXACTLY what TV needs (that's right, I said it), so I was a little nervous today when I went into ABC.

But I also came across a nervous 8th grader today, and here's what all of that means:

How do YOU cope with nerves?

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Entreperformer Business Makeover- Yoga Instructor!

The First Entreperformer Business Makeover: Yoga Instructor!

My friend Kelly was cooking something for me (yes, I have good friends like that), and we were talking about her Yoga classes. She told me about what she was doing, and how she'd like to have it work. I gave her a number of ideas and plans, and I thought that other people might want to apply what I told her:


She already had a website put together, but I of course told her that she must build a mailing list, and for that, she might want to use AWEBER. It is the most well-known list service out there, and many of the other services use their platform and make things speciffically for their users. I also told her to run a blog, and learn how to promote it, so she gets traffic- the RIGHT kind of traffic.

Want to learn more about Kelly and the Yoga she teaches? Click HERE:

Anyone can start to create a real business using some strategies from the internet, and then pursue whatever life you want, because you have created assets that pay you. If that makes sense, and you want more info on how to do all of that, visit

HONEST "Instant Pay Machine" Review

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