Sunday, January 26, 2020

Shark Tank: There Isn't A Dry Eye In The Tank After This Moving Pitch | ...

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Here is a CRAZY lesson in the POWER of the STORY behind your product or service.

Below is an INSTANTLY viral video of a SHARK TANK pitch that will no doubt sell a bazillion units. And it's all because of the compelling STORY behind the product.

When I released the Cash App System last year, I made it bcause I was SICK of Paypal's BS, and I said so in the video. That story responated with peole who wanted to make money from home, but had been burned by Paypal. Once that story got out, thousands have since bought it and make money with it.

The story of this vutting board is FAR more powerful, and speaks to FAR more people:

 Get the tissues.

So good, right?

Im sure stores will sell out quickly, if they're even available yet, but it'

s not just because of the cutting board, but because of the STORY behind it.

And if you want to hear my story about Paypal, and use my system to make your own money in the world of Solopreneurship, then click below:

Wow, huh?

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Newbies on Fire- TOO THOROUGH review! Scam? Money? Training? FAQ!

Newbies on fire is a great opportunity to make money for beginners because of how fast money is deposited into your account. People wll call this "easy money", but that's not really the truth about newbies on fire because there is definitely plenty of online work involved.

There is no recruiting really, because it is not mlm. However, you can make online sales, and just make money online with your mobile. All you really need is a cellphone and ways to get paid online like cash app, zelle, paypal, stripe, or venmo.

4- Residual income possibility because of the passups.
The things that makes this "How to make money online system" so popular are a few factors:

1- Instant money- You get paid today online
2- One-time payment to enter the business
3- Low investment- Only $25 to start (plus $5 admin fee)
5- Make money from your cell phone.

These and a few more are the highlights of the above video, and I add bonuses to my Newbies On Fire package.

HONEST "Instant Pay Machine" Review

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