Thursday, July 29, 2010

You are a Porn Star.

Is it me, or are the women in porn getting insanely beautiful? I don't just mean sexy and hot- I mean beautiful. Tera Patrick may very well be one of the most stunning women to walk the Earth, and mixed-race women are very popular in porn. Complex just listed the top 50 prettiest porn stars, and I gotta say, these women are extremely gorgeous, and will give any Hollywood starlet a run for her money.

So, if porn is attracting the more attractive women, and Hollywood has few real actors, and basically just pretty people and quick-cuts, aren't they pretty much going to merge soon? I mean Jenna Jameson has done a few cross-over movies, and Sasha Grey did that Steven Soderbergh deal, right?

But I think it means more than that.

Here's the thing- if I'm picking who my fantasy women are going to be- or maybe just the "special 5" (those 5 people whom you can have sex with permission from your partner), then I'm going for the Porn star WAAAAY over the Hollywood Celebrity.

I have NO IDEA if the Hollywood celebrity is going to be any good; she may just SEEM like it, but then be a real disappointment. With the Porn Star, I've SEEN THEIR WORK. They have a resume and a "body of work" (so to speak) that shows off their talents. I could just take a quick look at BorrowMyPorn and I would even know what to ask for, what they may be into, or what "special moves" they have.

Lets say you've got a thing for Angelina Jolie. Well, she sure SEEMS sexy and fun, but you can go watch Angelina Valentine at work (Yes, the name is a little obvious), and actually see for yourself. The woman everyone wants now is Megan Fox- well, I'd trade her in for a Jessica Jaymes any day.

Paris Hilton is well-known for "being a celebrity" and has her own MTV show, but her oral sex skills are just as well-known online (c'mon, you've seen it). She's not a "porn star", but she has her blowjob technique out there for everyone to see, and got an amazing amount of publicity for it.

Which leads me to YOU.

Yes, YOU.

Internet dating is here to stay, and is on the rise. We post pictures of ourselves and friends; we try to look our best when we're looking for someone new or just meeting new people.

So why not show of our sexual exploits as well? I think we are ALL going to have sex videos soon, where we actually showcase our sexual talents, likes and dislikes- and it will HELP us come closer together.

That's right- I said it.

I think it will be a GOOD thing.

Actually, now that I think about it, it's probably already happening somewhere, but to a section of society that is probably deemed "deviant" so far.

Well, mark my words, get naked, and get your flipcam ready!

NY Water is FLAMMABLE???

Up in Candor NY, a man can LIGHT HIS WATER ON FIRE:

How are we ok with this? No one has investigated, because they would then of course find something wrong, and then the company would be liable for something, and then they'd get sued, and then more people would probably find that their water is flammable and toxic, and the company would lose more money.

I assume that's why no one official has looked into this.

But then we gotta ask ourselves if it's worth the profits to let a Vietnam Vet have FLAMMABLE toxic water. What happens in his neighborhood when there's a fire, and they call the fire department? They are going to have to hose from the same FLAMMABLE Water!

And who MAKES money from this story? The Bottled water companies.

In my mind the bottled water companies shouldn't even exist- there should be no need for them, and yet, I filter my water, and buy bottled water when I'm out- supporting their corrupt agenda.

And here's another from MSNBC:

This makes me crazy and sick- just like the water.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Genius Frakkin' Marketing

Ok, so "The Old Spice Guy" thing is working BIG TIME. However, FINALLY, a big company has realized that social media is a TWO-WAY conversation, and that just making ads that you post on facebook is not correct- in fact, it's WRONG.

I have been saying it for about two years now, but these guys are doing it BIG TIME, and were smart enough to engage celebrities with big followings.

So, now Old Spice has taken "The Old Spice Guy", and is doing what I wanted to do in Miami but multiplied it by a million- Observe GENIUS marketing, and then watch Alyssa Milano REALLY show them up:

This is where they misstep, and got lazy-
And now HERE's the Checkmate from her:

NOW I wanna see what they do next!!

My review of INCEPTION

"Mission Impossible" meets "Dreamscape"... but it's no "Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors"

As much as I liked this movie's last half, there were things about it as it was going along that I thought were downright awful.

I think if I had stopped watching it mid-way (before the "last job") I might have been like "meh- I can do without it".

The dialogue was sometimes atrocious, and it's a good thing that Leo gives us all of his acting skill to make some things roll right on by.

The whole "I've done inception before" felt extremely obvious to me (I'm trying not to spoil a major plot point).

Also, the whole "This is the last job, then I'll go back to my family" thing seemed almost like a joke. And then there was the showing the end at the beginning, which I don't think helped the story at all.

And could we PLEASE tell someone that Saito's accent was too strong to be understood?

AAaand- why wasn't it more "dreamy"? The hotel was just a hotel, the fortress was just a fortress, and nobody did anything DREAMY- that was just not interesting to me. I expected the girl to at least manipulate the world they were in at the end, considering she showed how she could do it before. All of the layered dream worlds were just like reality. Boring!

NOW THEN- All that being said, the last half was SOOOOOO frakkin' amazing, that I forgave all of that!

It was a classic "Uh-oh, things are going wrong already" with the plan, and they had to do some cool stuff to make it work anyway. Very cool. The layering of the dream worlds was inspired. The fight in the hallway was absolutely AMAAAAAAZING, and probably worth admission and the time for the rest of the movie.

The whole idea of The guy (the "target") having been trained to resist attack in his mind by other agents was great, and frankly the only reason for the action. Very smart. I can imagine the discussion in the board room:

"It's about invading people's dreams"
"How do we get GUNS in it?"
"Um... we don't... wouldn't make much sense"
"Well then forget it."
"No- wait! We can get the SUBCONSCIOUS to fight back... with GUNS!"
"Ok- you sold me!"

The writing of the story (for the second half), and the direction was absolutely incredible, considering the complexity of the story.

I cannot imagine how someone would leave the theatre not enjoying this film. I really hope it does well, and the word of mouth is pretty damn good, so it looks like it will.

Friday, July 02, 2010

The Friendship Factor- 3

Part three of The Friendship Factor by Alan Loy McGinnis; I'll upload the end later on:

If you think you might enjoy making your relationships better, I advise getting this book:

Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Friendship Factor- 2

We continue right near the Flatiron Building on 23rd and 6th avenue in New York with Alan Loy MicGinnis' "The Friendship Factor":

Noisy, huh?

HONEST "Instant Pay Machine" Review

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