Friday, May 10, 2019


How I made $180 From FREE Kaboom Traffic!

hey what's up you guys it is bones

Rodriguez and I have just made a couple

some more money with aura with kaboom

traffic rich I got paid to my aura card

and I'm gonna show you that so you can

see so here's the back-office is past 24

hours only so could be four pages no big

deal but look that's what counts right

and I guess that's what I'm owed to so

that's cool

maybe there's another sale I don't know

about maybe with two referrals that's

cool right

so yesterday I got paid to my venmo here

and then today here's my own room right

and I got 60 bucks for two my own room

card you guys got to get the O room card

got to get it it's just like it's an

easier of instant pay and it's not you

don't have to deal with all this other

stuff so you know kaboom ax is great and

it's going really well I just made a new

banner where is it yeah I just made this

new banner but how to make money with

kaboom traffic because you might think

hey why are you people are already here

people who are seeing this banner or

already on kaboom site so why would you

advertise kaboom in here I'm not

advertising kaboom I'm advertising how

to make money with kaboom and the newbie

will be the person that isn't paying

attention would be like oh I know I'm

just sending people here but what I do

and what I tell people to do especially

in a situation like this is that it's

not necessarily about kaboom it's about

getting people to your list and then

helping them do whatever it is they want

so I always tell people to go to this is

step 2 dot-com because I give away a

free site a free lead generation system

it's this whole page it tells you this

is free system will be delivered to the

email you enter so don't enter a fake

email and then this video tells you how

to set it up but on this long page I

kind of give

you how to set it up how to earn money

by your leads how to get other people

and get leads for you through using

something like so many hits com I'm I

think I'm gonna put kaboom traffic back

in this also I have a super rotator that

anyone who joins this they get part of

they get to be part of my super rotator

and then there are upgrades just like

with kaboom traffic there are upgrades

on the free system upgrades in so many

hits etc but the whole point and this is

really where I go to is to upgrade so

that you get thousand dollar

Commission's all the way starting from

zero so that's how you know if you're

watching this because you want to know

how I made sixty bucks that's great the

way I made 60 bucks is that I help

people with their businesses okay and do

that when you go to this is step two

dot-com but oops I disappeared now

better but the way to earn money with

kaboom and other free traffic sources is

to help those people who are trying to

get free traffic to get them other ways

of free traffic right so I have a site

called market my link calm and it's a

whole bunch of paid traffic paid works

better it just works better but I

unbirthday ROI and free traffic is

amazing right so you want to get to the

point where you just have a list of

folks who are all interested in the same

thing and that you can email them

whatever it is okay so the way I help

people make money with kaboom is by

getting them this free lead system that

will automatically promote kaboom for

them okay so I'm as well show you again

when you when you get it you go to this

step to calm and you get it it's gonna

tell you to add your link this is where

you add any link you're promoting you'll

put your kaboom offer here okay that's

how that works and of course I recommend

there's a there's a seven dollar upgrade

that is the best seven dollars you will

ever spend in your life and I recommend

doing that so that is it click

Oh - go - this is step two calm and get

your free system get some more free

traffic get some sales of kaboom and

because you your kaboom is profitable

listen carefully you can add more ads to

it and get your primary seen more and

more and more that's how it is

things feeding each other okay that's

the strategy how can you get things to

feed each other talk to you soon but

click below