Thursday, November 07, 2019

Kaboom Traffic Review- REALLY Free Traffic? REALLY?

Kaboom traffic is a FREE TRAFFIC

site that WORKS!

hey what's happening you guys this is

bones Rodriguez John bones Rodriguez I'm

an actor author entrepreneur born and

raised here in New York City where I

lived my wife and two kids

the baby is napping right now just had

lunch wife is napping because you know

babies are tiring so I'm making this

video right now whether it's The

Bachelor turn off this light but it's

okay because I'm gonna shrink now and

tell you about an awesome new free

traffic yet profitable idea that John

had John Valley had he keeps coming up

with these awesome ideas so here it is

it's called kaboom traffic and if you go

to the link below I'm gonna tell you to

go to the link below cuz this is I am

telling you about this because part of

what's great about kaboom traffic is

that you get free traffic on the inside

banner ad traffic and the eyeballs are

people the targeted people who you want

to see your business opportunity how do

you know because they are also here to

promote their business opportunity and

the most likely people to buy your thing

are people who have bought the same

thing as your thing from other people

before so I have bought stuff from

kabooming just relaunched it was around

for a bit and it and it kind of it kind

of petered out but he came up with some

great ideas to keep it moving and so let

me show you where it is if you go to my

link which is kaboom traffic comm slash

friends you'll see right here there are

three banner ads right here and if you

click learn more then here are some

videos that teach about it the idea is

that when you go in there our banner ads

all over at the login which is actually

one of the most effective banner ad

things around but here's the customer

log and I'm gonna log in here and you

see they're more banner ads these ads

right here in the back office of the

thing that I am telling you about right

if you're curious you probably want

might wanna click well that's the thing

this is in front of people like me who

buy stuff like this and and if you're

watching this video probably like you so

here's what's awesome about

you can upgrade and on the videos will

show you the the the compensation plan

and how it works but here's the reason

I'm making this video is to tell you

that the old version I did very well

with I don't even know if it'll be here

but the old version I did well with

because not only do people see my ads

and end up on my list and buying some of

those things they also upgraded in here

and I got paid for that too so that's

why I'm making this video frankly

because it works for free members it

works for upgrade members and you get to

put two for free as it is so just by

putting your two banner ads in here you

can get targeted people looking at it

I just wanted to do a quick walk through

look here's the adding banners you can

add banners here right you make these

are mine and then you just add them

right here what's very cool and very

smart is that he put a banner resizer

here so that a link to it so you can put

whatever picture you want and you can

resize it to the right image size go

back you see the all the ads keep

changing all the ads keep it right

that's that's how it works

new contacts amount of referrals your

pages you can choose a bunch of

different capture pages here to use but

here is those tracking so you can track

your stats I mean this yourself and so

there's nothing here and there's ad

tracking so if you want to do put

something specific but here's what I

want you to know is every time I'm

clicking new banner ads keep showing up

right and now here's the thing that one

of the things is great in the kaboom

banner section you can add you can add

anything you want here so like let's put

this is step two com is like my main

that I'm sorry this is the primary URL

right and then these banners these are

the HTML that you can use from these

banners and some of these are generic

because they'll point people to your

specific business

so look at all these banners that are

here that you can just grab and use

anywhere promote this your primary

business whatever look at all these

banners that you can use all over the

web fantastic move too quickly you know

I get things quickly I just buy them

because they work most things work and

it's how to videos and there's a

Facebook group look already 2600 members

and this is my sponsor but look see this

thing right here make more money

well this is gonna take me to one of his

other businesses which I'm not going to

show you and if you go home when you log

in right here is also whoever you refer

right here is another way for them to

see your business so get in take a look

join for free there's nothing to lose a

chamber you get to put your banner ads

in front of people for free and if you

want to upgrade fantastic if you want to

join me in some other things fantastic

that's it it's not a scam how can it be

a scam it's free and then it tells you

the compensation plan plan I of course

upgraded all the way there are two

different upgrades and I upgrade to the

highest one because that's how things

work I've noticed that when I do that I

work harder and I make more money

because of that and because I make more


I have better results and because I have

better results I tell people about those

results and I make more money so that's

the thing always jump in with two feet

even if it's frightens especially if it

frightens you because then you'll work

harder to get that back it's my advice

to you especially here with the boom

traffic so click the link below from

kaboom traffic I'm sure pop-ups about to

show up around here somewhere and I

thought you soon

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