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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The FREE System that Rocks my world!

I just want to reiterate again how impressed I am with the Spiderweb system.

The way it's set up is 100% FREE, and it includes all of this amazing stuff.
I use a personal domain name for it:


Because it just works better that way- don'tcha think?
While everyone is busy "Acting as if", I'm just doing my thing, enjoying life, and the system does the rest.

By the way, if you're reading this, you have nothing to lose by checking it out,
and EVERYTHING to gain.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Internet Marketers are full of SH*T!!!!!

I was having a talk today with a very entrepreneurial friend, and we got to discussing the whole "Info-preneuring" thing. That's when you sell your expertise about something. You could say my book, Captain Kirk's Guide To Women is like that.

However, we were talking about a person who teaches this from an online aspect, and well.... she is NOT an expert. I've learned that if you make $5 doing something, you'll make $25 teaching other people to make that 5. So, it reminded me of something I wrote a while that can be found here:

Here it is:

"Internet Marketers" are:


Bones Rodriguez Tells the TRUTH and challenges the rest of them to do the same- and you Get the WHOLE STORY!

Date: Monday March 17, 2008

From: Bones Rodriguez- Actor, Author, Entrepreneur

Let me explain what I mean:

At first, the sheep newbie buys a whole lot of information from guru internet marketers whom they admire because everyone realizes that working 40 hours a week for 40 years is a recipe for misery and poverty.

After spending a lifetime of money on everyone’s ideas, the sheep learns some concepts and techniques, and gets up the guts to put them to work. They MIGHT have their own business, but quickly discover that:

it’s FAR easier to sell to the “internet marketing” crowd than any other.

As the crowd gets bigger and bigger, only a small percentage throw their hat into the “guru” ring- the pie grows faster than the new gurus can proclaim themselves.

So, they start becoming “affiliates” using the same information. Maybe they even write their own.
There’s nothing wrong with any of this.


After a while of learning to “build a list”, they start promoting their own products to the list. After they have made a few sales, they realize that they actually CAN create an income, and even learn to recommend other people’s stuff.

This is where the slope gets slippery, and the sheep changes into a wolf.

Having run out of their own information, and having run out of sales, the wolf looks to the “other guys” to either be affiliates for them, or knock-off someone else’s information, repackage it, and sell that too.

Suddenly, they’re part of the “in” crowd, where they buddy-up with other wolves, and wear each other’s sheep costumes; “promoting” each other, but really just shearing the same people over and over.

And the wolf who gives the biggest kick-back wins.

I can’t help but twinge a little every time I notice someone does a “big roll-out” of some product that’s basically a knock-off of someone else’s, and the wolves all promote it to each other’s sheep.

They have a big celebration, and pat each other on the back:

“So-and-so made $100,000 in one day! You can do it too!”-

They’re not lying; the guy DID make that- and they’re happy because they all know that next week, it’ll be their turn.

When everyone is selling the same thing, no one is selling anything.

I was headed down this path; I was writing new stuff, and finding new people, and started to get to know a few of the gurus.

They’re stressed out, constantly needing to make new products, and FEED on each other’s lists like junkies.

Again, they didn’t MEAN to do it; it just came with the territory. And now they’re trapped, because stopping would mean going back to misery and poverty.

If a sheep wanted help, their usual answer was another product that addressed their particular problem. If they didn’t learn it, it’s their responsibility.

Whereas it MIGHT help the sheep, it DEFINITELY helped the seller.

I’m not saying that it’s on purpose, and I’m not saying everyone does this; actually, most of the information given out is great. However, if we’re all saying the same thing, and all promoting each other, all while shearing the newbie sheep, there’s something wrong, isn’t there?

I say “we” because I was headed in that direction, but I had to stop. I wish I could sit here and say that the moral implications are what stopped me, but they weren’t-

I just wasn’t good at it.

Sure, I could have learned, and I could have “buddied-up” better, but I just didn’t. Somewhere I knew it was all wrong, and I felt like a fraud.

Fortunately, I found something that pays me based on how well I help OTHER people.

If I shear them, I get almost nothing.

But if I HELP THEM, then I get paid wonderfully.

So, I’m inviting YOU to help me actually HELP people, and get paid based on it.

To get paid on actually HELPING PEOPLE create an income, and HELPING them learn the new mindsets, new attitudes and new successes that the new world needs.

The whole “promoting each others’ stuff” is getting ridiculous, and leaning towards the immoral.

You HAVE TO know what I‘ve been describing.

Yeah, you do.

Again, I’m not saying that it’s on purpose or insidious, but I AM saying that someone has to stop it-

I’m asking if you’ll help me rescue the sheep, find them a home, and STILL be paid residually and magnificently.

If that sounds like a challenge you’d like to take on, email me.

Let Your Light So Shine Before Men,

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A WEIRD Business

MLM is a weird business; it's actually the REVERSE of a regular retail business-

In Retail, you mark up whatever product as it travels through the distribution channel; ie. the Maker charges the wholesaler, who charges the retailer, who charges the customer.

But in MLM, everyone pays the same price, and then the maker pays OUT from the volume of profit.

It's backwards.

And yet, as far as OWNING an MLM business goes, it's kinda the same. Even though we are actually selling the SYSTEM of business, you could think of it as looking for customers for the product OR the system, and whoever spreads the product the best, gets paid the best.

So, having an MLM business works for the guy who has a SUIT, and BUSINESS CARDS, and it also works for the guy who is in a T-shirt and writes down stuff on napkins-

ESPECIALLY in this internet world.

At least, that's what I think right now.

Let Your Light So Shine Before Men,

Bones Rodriguez

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