Wednesday, May 29, 2019


The FULL Story on The Automated Cash App System

Someone was just talking sh*t about my new course and system
so I decided to tell the whole story:
Hi... Bones Rodriguez here....
I made the course, and the system.
I AM the authority on it- There is no one who knows more than me.
Are we clear?
Because I believe that this post is just meant to rile people up so that Galvin can get famous or whatever.
Negativity is popular, but doesn't make much money.
I haven't had a day job in almost 20 years now because of Internet marketing. I'm an actor, and I did a ton of commercials, but apparently I'm old and ugly now....
Shut up.
Anyway- The Cash App System COURSE is a training on how to promote mobile apps quickly, efficiently, and make $5 (or whatever) per referral. It has facebook posts that work, and fb messages that get people moving through the process instead of asking a bunch of dumb ass questions along the way.
("Why haven't I heard of this free $5 thing?")

I made the course because I did literally HUNDREDS of free app referrals, and learned the exact right things to say and do.
When I told other people, they posted stuff like "Hey, who wants to get a free $5!?"
Also, morons would trade a SINGLE dollar back and forth 5 times for cash app.
SUCH a waste of time.
So then, I made a course. I sold it on JVZoo for a while. It's called Mobile Money 2018 and Mobile Money 2019.
HOWEVER, then I realized that I could make SITES that my friends could use to make the referrals while I just explained it along the way.
If you plug your DOSH ID into that URL, then when people see ME explaining it, they might click your link and follow directions.
A lot won't because people are skeptical and stupid.
But then I realized that I could find OTHER apps like those that offer monetary rewards.
Not like "watch a video for $1", but "sign up for $5 and we'll ALSO give your referrer $5"
I wanted my friends to GET PAID to get other people FREE money.
So, I made a site where I put the directions and app links in one LONG page, so people could just walk through it and get free app money.
Wanna see that? Here it is-
It's 3 apps and then a sign up for Lead Lightning because it's only $7.

Then a link to my high-ticket business, where you can make up to $3,000 per sale.
Because THAT'S how you get free- by getting a LOT per sale, NOT by getting a lot of little sales.
Free Money--> Small Ticket---> High Ticket.
But guess what?
No one would do it on their own. No one understood unless I physically walked them through each part.
Plus, the money wasn't that great unless you upgraded all the way.
I was still making money from the sales of Mobile Money 2018 and 2019, so I pretty much left it alone.
If someone told me they needed cash, I would tell them how to get free money and leverage that.
When Paypal shut down my account, I got mad, so I made up a way for people to buy the course I had written with only Cash App as the payment system.
The Cash APP System was Born.
And, just like with the Mobile Money 2019 course, I decided to charge for the "How to promote apps" information, but GIVE 100% commissions on the front end.
THAT was the part people paid attention to.
Honestly, I thought it would just sell a bit, and that would be that.
It was just a pdf download.
But right now, we have about 100 sales a day- THAT I KNOW OF.
I actually don't know because I don't get to see ANY of that money.
And since so many people were coming in, I wanted to give them a way to ALSO get the app referrals- So I built a LONG site with the Power lead system so that they could ALSO get that money.
AND, I could build my power lead system team.
PLS is my favorite way to make money because it has a $7 front end, and up sells to unlimited $100, $400, and $1000 commissions in the back.
Free Money--> Small Ticket--> High Ticket
The thing is, that what was working for me (Selling the info on the front, and upgrading people) is now working for a lot of other people.
By buying it for $27, then downloading the apps, YOU ARE IN PROFIT BEFORE YOUR FIRST SALE.
Even if you NEVER make a sale, you are AHEAD of the game by USING the free app money.
And- if you're ambitious and want to have a REAL full-time Business, you upgrade to the Power lead system, and BUY ALL THE STUFF, like I am known to say in the Official Power Lead System Facebook group.
People are making 100 percent $27 commissions by selling MY Course, to which I ALSO added a FREE site for them to get FREE app money.
I ALSO added a way for them to duplicate the entire funnel for free, but they have to become an affiliate of the Power Lead System too.
So- when you are done reading this DISSERTATION I just wrote, I look forward to you showing your integrity as a man, and publicly claiming you were wrong,
Then, come join us and promote this Everyone-Can-Win opportunity.