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Saturday, March 06, 2021

How To Succeed With Textbot ai -WITHOUT Paid Ads! Make Money Online 2021...

hey what's going on you guys it is bones

rodriguez and um i am

telling you how to promote your business

just by sharing a phone number and if

you don't have a business

how you can earn an income just by

sharing a phone number

of course all uh results are

my results aren't typical oh i should

get i should get that picture let me

show you

i've crossed past a good number recently

i was like oh that's a

that's a nifty number i mean you know

it's not great but it's a good number to


for basically sharing a phone number or

a website link i didn't even keep where

is it

does not even keep the picture is that


i didn't i don't think i even kept the

picture looking for it doesn't matter

so but thing is because i've had some

good results

people started to come to me asking for

uh advice and like what are they doing

wrong and things like that so i'm going

to tell you

some of the top things that people been

asking and i even got one that

is is really good because i had a

conversation with somebody yes so i hope

they don't mind

i'm not gonna say it was just so they

can save some face

but um hi yeah where is it did i put it

under number to bones what is numbered

bones means if you guys i should be

sharing my screen so you guys can see

what gobbledygook oh here well here's a

good one

what gobbledygook i'm i'm looking

through but look all right here's

let's show in stream huh made 20

cross the 20 000 mark sharing this phone

number the phone number you see

right there this phone number and or


this site now i happen to

tweak it a little bit myself because i

kind of know what i'm doing

i really like this um project what's


on al my dude uh i like this

opportunity i like this software so i

talk about it a lot because it works

with somebody who was my friend i don't

think we're friends anymore he blocked

me and i don't know why we didn't have

an argument

he just stopped talking to me um a

friend of mine made it

i think he did a good job with it it

works and

i think a lot of people can

use it to promote their business and or

earn an income

by promoting it itself here's something

i say all the time

just about and and this just goes to the


skepticism about making money online and

let me get rid of this because this is


gauche it's gauche people want proof

but it's ghosts right they're like oh

why are you showing off

and yet they well how much money have

you made there's like a lot there's like

no line

is the right thing if you it's ghost and

if there's no line is satisfactory if

you don't show proof and it's like well

why don't you show me proof

why can't you show me proof that you're

making money with this

and what is that that's uh

that's what's his name little guy and


if you do show proof and it's oh well

you're just all about money this is the

only thing you're showing who that's

kevin hart oh

how kevin hart does that

how come i can't that's my kevin hart

all right

so um the top

the top errors i took down the money

some people want proof there's no line

some people want proof some people

think you're uh bragging it's neither

it's i'm trying to show you that the

thing works

and that i'm using it and and earning

with it

because the other side of the skepticism

is oh you're just telling me about this

thing because it's going to earn you


but if just about everything you

buy online you can

sell as an affiliate now

then of course and isn't that a great


you see for a lot of people are still

stuck in like the retail

thought process where you know i buy

something low

and then if if my friend wants to buy

for me i should

i shouldn't give it to him for the for

the act for the usual price i should

give him to the friends price

but that doesn't exist now as an


in online world the price is the price

and any customer pays the the same price

but if you get it through an affiliate a

friend of yours whatever then that

affiliate gets paid

so it's not it's not buy low sell high


refer people the things they might want

and if they buy it

the owner the producer

gives you a commission it's great all


this model is great all around so this

is why i promote it

i think it's great for helping you with

your business

i think it's it's great for creating


for your business and for making sales

in your business

it's great to um find people who want to

buy it also

right it's great to be an affiliate for


um so those those are two things and my

friend at the time had made it

i i guess we're not friends i don't know


i don't know why he just sent me an

email someday that was like

you know i don't think you're i don't

think you're vibing

with us and that was the last and this

is like two months ago i was like

i was like oh i'll talk to him in a week

i was like yo call me when you're

when you're down when you're ready it's

been like two months

a nice guy aren't i al if you're still


anyway so what are the top mistakes that

people make

promoting my sales robot and or using my

sales robot

and there's a general

and then there's like a a regular thing

and you know what i'm gonna do i want

you guys to go to my

site where i've given away um a bunch of

help and training and whereas

a lot of a lot of people charge for that


um let me just oh here we go a lot of

people charge they're like oh

only for my team and i get it it makes

you know i get it it makes your uh it

makes people join you and all that but

i'm just

i want to help people update let's go

all right so if you go to

you'll see this big page i made to help

people who are just getting started and

you don't need

a lot of help you don't need a lot of

help you just need to do what's

what it says but a lot of times people

won't do it

so that's my first that's the first


if someone like me or someone else who

has had success who can prove that


made sales who's prove proven that

they've made sales doing something

and you ask them for advice you should

do what they say works now let me take

another step

if on this page of

i have things there that work this

picture that you're looking at

is one of them

i have the picture there without my

phone number on that i tell

people who join with me to use their

phone number put their phone number on


that works if that's one of the things

that work if this picture

with these words are one of the things



then using something else is by


not something that works

it is possibly probably

most likely something that does not work

it doesn't mean it won't because

everything works to an extent

to an extent everything works if you

have a lemonade stand

and you're out in the warm weather

and there are people walking by some

people will buy lemonade

even if you have a sign that says

world's worst lemonade

that will work it might

cause a lot of curiosity it might be

great in fact

right but if i tell you world's greatest


will put hair on your chest and make it

six feet tall

well you might get some men buying it


everything works to a degree but if

there's some things that have already

been proven to work

why would you do something else and

that's what i want to tell you about

uh yesterday so this is the

this is one of the pictures that i say

works because it does

this somebody wrote to me yesterday

who's on my team

man i've been promoting this thing man

you said to

post pictures but

i'm i'm just not getting anywhere man

and it's been a while well

really who we've been showing it to let

me see what you're what are you doing

let me see

and then he showed me this

okay this is i blurred out his phone


now mine says want a robot to make your


call one minute automated message for


people call the number get the info his


money talks but if all yours does is

if all yours does is says goodbye

i can help laugh up to 500 daily

number call number to find out how

these are not the same these are not the

same by

any measure i understand that

he felt oh i'm putting call the phone

number on it that's about the only

thing that's that's the same about these

two things

mine is targeting a certain kind of

person what kind of person is mine


different than his now i happen to like

money talks but if all yours does is

should say say goodbye i can help i

think that's clever

it's not for this it's not for this

mine says want a robot to make your

sales that

means that it's for people

who have sales to make

right because this is a

this is a sales robot it helps

make your sales

that's different than basically saying

if you're broke

i can help that's not the same thing at


call one minute automated message for


oh great i don't have to talk to any

person listen

i can help call my number why so

somebody can

try to convince me to buy something from

me these are not the same

so this guy wasted a lot of time i'm

sure a lot of energy and

probably by not doing what works

instead he was doing what

does not work

he said he got a couple leads that

didn't show up i'm sure he did

and i'm sure if he keeps going it does a

lot more i'm sure

at some point it would work but he'd

probably give up before that

so why not do what works

okay so let me put that away i don't

want to embarra i don't you know

i put out the number all right this is

mine so what else

works really well well if you're in tech

spot already because this is

the the opportunity this is it's called

tech spot

um well i made

a different sales video now bones why

are you making a different sale you just

told us

to use what works well yes i use what


i after my sales video it goes to the

jeff's presentation right not the

presentation it goes to

the the usual like hey i'm jeff and

you can put in your phone number and

stuff right

that's worked well for me i know the

presentation works well too i think it

works well as a

as a backup right but i made a different

sales video you know why

because mine is the only video out there

that talks about the product

and how to use it

booms yeah yeah did you oh

mine's the only sales i'm the only


that i know of who made a sales video

for textbot

and by the way it it was supposed to be

one of the other funnels before i got

this mysterious

i don't vibe anymore email that i still

don't know was about

marcus too if you're in tech spot marcus

the guy who uh

who's doing our motivational stuff he he

got bumped too

he doesn't seem clear on why either i

think they maybe had an argument but i

did not have any kind of argument

i just got an email

truthfully it broke my heart for a while

i was like what

i thought we were boys

and then i was gonna like get revenge

but the truth is that i like this i like

this opportunity

there are things that i've had that i

had on the like

time to change and fix for a long time

maybe that's why

i don't know maybe because i was

insistent about fixing those things but

i like it too much i brought too many

people to it

to start badmouthing it

out of revenge i don't want that's just

not like me

hey tim judd what's up wonderful making

money online let's focus on lead


okay well i'll tell you what the issue

is the issue is that

his the thing he was doing wasn't

working so that's the big issue

and he came to me asking why not and the

answer is

because he wasn't doing what works

so i i don't know if you're trying to

like defend um

but his i don't think that's a good


for how to make my own line anyway i

have one wait i have one for that

i'm going to show you to you so that you

know um

so i have one for that too like

you know of course you want one for the

how to make money which is what i'm

doing now right

um this is it let me it's

it's gonna look awfully familiar

same thing right

that's it i think i have one two

about like these are two

and it could be 500 could be 100 i just

chose two no reason why not

right so the green one is for the the

make money online

and the blue one is for people who

actually buy the thing

so if i had if the blue one the robot

one said

cat food and the other one said

food for food for pets

and if you have a cat which one are you


call that make sense

200 this is very blind offer 200 a day

call one minute automated message for


right um i have one with the robot on it


i don't mean for these to be long i know

i always mean to do like one short thing

and then i keep going on

um so

bam what was i talking about yeah

anyway so doing doing what works um

what was i saying

anyhow so the main thing that people

don't if you don't get results it's

probably because you're not doing

something that works and it's not and

look i did this for a long time i still

do i just said that i'm the one who


i made the one product video

if you go to help dot my sales robot dot


there's my power lead system funnel


should we take a look at my power lead

system funnel it has

my sales video it has my review video

shows people how they can get a landing


shows people how to get a free aweber

um email series

why would you get an email aweber email

series because that works

better you can do it without it

but for me i like showing people how to

have a permanent business i talk about

the online vending machine i like

helping people get a permanent business

and therefore i use power lead

system to build my entire business

what's up tim judd

no just talk part of this live i agree

focus is the issue of tools

build a business to separate me from the

exactly from the 7 million

645 635 ways to make money online amen

tim right specificity is

important there's a there's like a blind

offer and then there's specificity

right and both work like everything


but i'm i'm telling you

if you this is a good tag line too for

this opportunity i have others

right i promote other things i use

my philosophy of the online vending


to sell many candies

i don't know how many times anyway so um


thing here maybe i should show my screen


every time i go to share my screen and

then i get confused i'm not going to but

i recently

made a um a lead capture

a lead generating a profitable

lead generating funnel so if you're if

you're having a hard time

um generating leads

um either for tech spot or for you know


many other things or just your business

i made

a different a funnel that helps you

get paid generating leads

and that might sound um you know might

sound uh too good to be true or whatever

but after you get the philosophy you'll

realize that that's

it's it's a strategy that many many many

people do

and use and um

why so many people can promote many

different things at once without it


much of an issue okay um

i think when you first start aside from

getting over your skepticism

um and then aside from getting over your

issues with

making money the humongous hurdle for

a lot of people um then there's like

what you're actually doing right because

for a lot of us to get into the make


um arena just to like make a couple

hundred quick hundred bucks

quick couple hundred bucks quick couple

thousand and then be out but

then you start realizing it's fun all

right 20 minutes is far too long all


thanks good talking to you go to or if you just

want to make money with us do this if

you have that

if you want to uh promote your business

that's not even here it's not even here

maybe i'll put it on that page somewhere

but um i'll talk to you soon that's it i

hope you did alright thanks for stopping

in with me tim

and al and whoever else shows up at the

replay write the replay do you have any

questions i'll answer you

down there of course i know you're just

going to go to the site but

whatever just trying to be helpful all

right bye

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