Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Santernet Claus" Brought What You Wanted... Now What?

I just invented "Santernet Claus"

- to tell you that The Internet has made all of us Artists dreams come true.

As I read on Seth's Blog:  today, the Internet has made it so that if you said you wanted a way to DO your art without needing the gatekeepers, you can.

"If you're an actor, that means that when the internet says you can perform what you'd like, film it with the team you've chosen and distribute it far and wide..."

 But just because you CAN, it doesn't mean you will, does it?

It's terrifying to know that there are no real boundaries to your dreams, because the only thing to fight is your enemy in the mirror- And what if you can't win that battle?

I am asking MYSELF this as I write it- Why am I writing this post instead of writing, and shooting my own comedy work and uploading it for all the world to see?

Today is the day after Christmas, and whereas I'm sure we got some stuff we all wanted under the tree, what we REALLY say we want is right under our chests- GO DO IT.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Does Getting Rich Make You Mean?

Does Getting Rich Make You Mean?

Apparently, it kinda does.

This TED talk from Paul Piff outlines the studies he did when people who were set up with privilege in a game of monopoly began to see themselves as the reason for their dominance. Apparently, they had completely forgotten that they were given special rules, and they lost compassion for the other player:

Paul Piff: Does money make you mean? | Video on ""

In the home business world, I see this happen all the time. People who are "Trainers" really begin to think that they did something spectacular, when they forgot that they accidentally sponsored someone who had a large following, and then they think they've done something.
Big Al talks about there always being "another story" that people seem to not mention when they're promoting their wild success.
That's not to say that the success isn't deserved, but that sometimes there is a bunch of luck that seems to be overlooked.

And then they become callous and MEAN.

What do you think?

Friday, December 20, 2013

A Mother and Her 4-Year-Old Create Art That Delights You Instantly

A Mother and Her 4-Year-Old Create Art That Delights You Instantly

What happens when you're a serious artist, and don't want your child to scribble all over your pain-staking work?

You keep her awayu, of course.

Until she guilts you with "If you can't share, we'll have to take it away!"... where do you think she learned that?

So, BOOM- Art is created:

Check out more on her blog here

I got this story from Distractify:
A Mother Lets Her 4-Year-Old Finish Her Drawings. She Never Thought It Would Lead To This. | Distractify:

Thursday, December 19, 2013

▶ The Brilliant Non-Hollywood DVD Title That Sells Millions - YouTube

▶ The Brilliant Non-Hollywood DVD Title That Sells Millions"
Just when you thought you knew everything that you could do with a niche group...


The question is, what can YOU create to further serve YOUR niche?
For my Star Trek people, I could create the "Beam Your Biceps" workout, or the "How To Set Your Body On STUNNING" Workout DVD... get me? For the Entreperformers, there's the "Server Shoulder Workout" to help you workout while you're waiting tables. Get a shapely "Waiter's Waist"... LOL!

What will YOU create?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

#XMAS JAMMIES - The Holiday Card Viral Video From the Real-Life INCREDIBLES

This Holiday Viral Video About #Xmas Jammies is amazing.
No, it's not REALLY from THE INCREDIBLES, but look at this:

It's not that parodies are new (and this is a an old song to parody), but the fact that these WORKING actors are even taking the plunge to become Entreperformers that I like so much.

And they do it in the best way possible...

Cute kids
Hot Mom
Charismatic Dad
Good song choice and lyrics
Fun visuals of recognizable things

#XMAS JAMMIES - Merry Christmas from the Holderness Family! - YouTube: ""

Do you get what I'm saying?

Promoting themselves BY promoting that they're going to promote!!!

Brilliant, Fun, and wonderful to watch. Absolute perfection... My comment is a minute long:

Friday, December 13, 2013

Beyonce Serves Up A Surprise Album... and a Pizza!

Beyonce, her Secret Surprise Album, and a Pizza!

Yup- she just released a secret album like the way my friends do-

Dropped it like a hot pizza...

Except she got 80,000 downloads in 3 hours.

My friends have to work a little harder to get those numbers, but really, it's the same process:

Except that Beyonce has been working on cultivating her following for years and has constantly given out art and music the whole time. It's what her followers expect.

But she also added Videos!
Including one with her doing some sort of strip tease... I may have to get this one!

Hot Chick Joanna Carpenter Talking BEER and AMERICA- Brave The Brew!

Hot chick talks about Beer and America!

Joanna Carpenter is an Entreperformer who I met through Lia Sumerano, who played Vanessa in "In The Heights" with me, but we made friends waiting at an audition for Aladdin.

Yes, New York City acting is a small world.

This vivacious energetic woman has a passion for BEER, and created where she talks beer and brewing. She took a few seconds with me at one of her events to talk about why America creates the coolest and most innovative beers in the world. Listen and fall in love:

Sign up at her site to come to her next event. I had a great time, learned more about beer, and got to try a lot of different beers... maybe too many?

Stop WAITING, and Start WINNING!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

▶ Captain Picard and TNG Cast sing "Let it Snow!"

Captain Picard and The Next Generation Cast Sing "Let It Snow"

Yeah, so this is from the next generation, but it's absolutely delightful...

▶ Captain Picard sings "Let it Snow!" - YouTube:

It goes to show that when you mix Star Trek with ANYTHING, you'll get a whole bunch of attention.
I wrote about that in my YouTube book, and it's proven here. Actually, I think Star Wars makes it more popular these days, since the three new movies came out when a lot of the internet world were kids.

Anyway, enjoy the Holidays!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013



Freedom is something everyone says they want. It's the main idea behind the country I live in, and people are constantly going on and on about how they'd like to have more of it.

  1. 1.
    the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Sounds good to me, but do YOU have it?

If someone else controls your money or time, you do NOT have freedom.

So, when I worked a job, I realized that I did NOT have freedom, because the job to live.

I NEEDED the paycheck, and someone else had control over my money and time.

So, someone asked me to take a look at making money for myself. But I thought I was.

I have a job!

But he showed me that if I had something that other people would buy... then I made my OWN money,
and I could have all of the FREEDOM I wanted.

That made sense to me.

On the internet, it's a pretty simple formula- Offer, Traffic, Sales= FREEDOM.

If you can learn how to get a handle on those three things, and WANT FREEDOM-

I paid YOU for an email, here's what happened...

I told the people on my list that I would pay them $1 for an email describing WHY they were looking to make money online.

A few people wrote, and a few were INSULTED... here's what happened next:

So, if ideas like this sound like sound good to you (and they should), then why not join up now, and become part of this team? It's almost 2014, and nothing will change if you don't. Join us now.

Seth Godin Asks You Which Line Do You Want To Be On?

Seth Godin is an Entreperformer!

If you've ever read any of Seth Godin's Books, then you have been motivated and inspired to do more, do better, and do something that counts.

Seth's Blog: What kind of media counts?:

I just chose to read this post, because it really makes a great point about what kind of work you want to pursue in life. I just posted YouTube's Rewind of 2013, and it's full of some really cool and fun stuff, from kid president, harlem shaking, and Questions about Foxes.

So, I ask you- which line do you want to be on?
What project have YOU been procrastinating on because you think you need someone's permission to do it?

YouTube Biggest and Best Videos Of 2013

Here you have a Mashup of YouTube's Biggest and Best videos of 2013:

A bunch of great videos that made their mark in 2013, doing what they love to do. There are some great song remixes, and people who you might only catch for a second.

Next year, will your video be in YouTube Stars 2014?

YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?

Remember, if you're looking to be motivated, inspired, and abundant enough to create your own works, that's the mission here at Entreperformers- Join us and maybe one of these YouTube stars of 2013 will help you!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm a husband, and I love "Cook For Your Husband!"

I read this article about fat burning foods from, and although it's all hypey and has nothing to do with your husband, I thought I'd add it here...

In this article, you will learn:
1. Why most "healthy" cookbooks use ingredients that actually make you fat.
2. How to ensure your meals are optimized to burn fat.
3. What to do so your meal plan doesn't hit a fat loss plateau.

You know how I feel about "do this, or everything is wrong" advice, mostly because it's all not true, but the main point here is about making sure your food is HELPING you burn fat.
Read below:

Is your food making you FAT or burn MORE fat? (article)
By Karine Losier & Dave Ruel

If you've tried fat loss diets before and have used a variety of weight loss cookbooks to try to lose body fat, then you very likely know by now that those fat loss diets and the "healthy" cookbooks that go with them don't work.

What is it about them that makes successful weight loss so difficult to achieve?

Well for starters, most "healthy" cookbooks are NOT designed with high Metabolic Thermo Charge ingredients. They are not using the metabolic powers that certain foods have to make your body burn more body fat. Instead, they use ingredients with very low thermogenic effect.
Why does this matter? Because the Metabolic Thermo Charge of food stands for how many calories your body will burn just by breaking down the nutrients each time you consume a certain food.

Most people have absolutely no idea of the power some of these foods have over the fat burning processes that go on inside the body, and so they never really think twice about them. BIG MISTAKE.

For example, simply consuming high-quality protein with most meals will naturally burn off more calories and move you closer to your target weight. Lean protein has a very high "Metabolic Thermo Charge". Spices also have a strong thermogenic effect on your body. Combining certain foods together, such as chicken and turmeric, with help you burn more fat after you eat it.

Interesting, right?

But that's not all. Another thing to consider is whether or not your so-called “healthy” cookbook has a real structure. Too often, cookbooks are just a bunch of recipes thrown together at random – you pick and choose what you feel like eating at that point in the day. That is NOT going to make you burn fat faster!

Having a structure is mandatory if you want to rid yourself of stubborn fat. That's why we developed a quick and easy "Metabolic Nutri-Profile" system for all our recipes, so you can see precisely what nutrients you're taking in, which ensures that each meal makes the most of your metabolic rate.

Don't make the mistake of venturing into the food jungle without your compass!
So we’ve talked about the food and the structure of your eating plan. Sounds like we’ve got it covered, right? NO!

Ever followed a diet to a “T” and all of a sudden noticed that you stopped losing fat?

This is called the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon. It occurs at that point in your diet when your body knows precisely what it's getting in terms of food and has fully adapted to it. When it reaches this state, your metabolism slows down and fat loss screeches to a halt.

In order to avoid the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon, you have to vary your nutrient intake regularly, shocking your body as time goes on. This keeps it guessing and ensures your metabolism stays on high at all times. Having a wide range of fat loss recipes at your fingertips makes avoiding this frustrating condition a breeze!

Now you know the REAL score when it comes to fat loss and dieting! Be sure to watch out for these three sneaky saboteurs next time you make the decision to lose fat!
You might be wondering why it's "Cook For Your Husband", but here's the thing- Your husband isn't going to cook at all. Unless he's serious about burning fat.

The he can cook for you!

And when you go to the website now, you'll getrecipes and tips that will:

1. Help you burn fat faster with the help of specific Metabolic Thermo Charged ingredients
2. Efficiently structure your meal plan with their simple and effective "Metabolic Nutri-Profile"
3. Fight the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon.

If you struggle with food or nutrition, Metabolic Cooking is your knight in shining armour. <------- Recipes that burn fat faster!

Monday, December 09, 2013

Naked Island Daters- Good thing, or GREAT thing?

Naked Island Daters- Good TV, or GREAT TV?

Well, I am an actor here in NYC, and I have to admit, when I first saw the casting alert for Naked Island Dating, I was a little jealous.

I mean, why didn't they call me directly for this?

Basically, they get a few people who are willing to be naked on an island, and see who is going to "fall in love" with each other...

in 5 days.

Let's face it, it's TV time; they have 5 days (minus commercials) to fall in love while "Baring themselves... completely!" Just when I thought Television had hit it's low with Bad Girls Club and the now-cancelled Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford TV show, here comes:

Naked Island Daters.
Naked Island Daters casting

TV is trying so very hard to be the internet...

That's why instead of trying to get on TV, I like making money on the internet and being free to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

I mean, isn't THAT a better way to live?

Besides, I get to be naked whenever I want!

Sunday, December 08, 2013

“Accomplishment” Hacks For The Lazy, Ambitious, Successful Failures (Like Me)

“Accomplishment” Hacks For The Lazy, Ambitious, Successful Failures (Like Me)

Whether you call it being productive, accomplishing, or just gettin' it done, you have struggles with it.

We all do.

I totally stole this from Tim Ferris from his blog post:
“Productivity” Tricks for the Neurotic, Manic-Depressive, and Crazy (Like Me):

I even swiped the title... sorta, and I'll even copy the sentiment:

I am Your Latino Soap Opera Hero!
I think I'm a failing wreck of a human being, but most people would disagree with me.

Yeah, I get a bunch of stuff done; I'm an author, an actor, I manage a zillion web pages, I have a great marriage, I work out, and try to help other people do all that stuff to whenever I can.

Yet, I feel like I accomplish nothing, my books all suck, I am never prepared enough for performance, all my web pages go nowhere, my wife thinks I'm crazy, I'm getting old and fat, and I'm selfish, vain and self-important.

Also, I tend to exaggerate.

Even though I have these conflicting feelings, and I never get as much done as I'd like, I have had to take a reflective moment or two to ask myself WHY I feel I must accomplish these things, or anything at all.

I've learned from reading a ton of books from Neale Donald Walsch, along with Tony Robbins, and other human development people that I basically want to feel happy.

I am apparently under the impression that accomplishing all of these thing will make me happy.

And yet, I have learned that I can CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY at any moment over anything.

So, why not just choose to be happy whether I accomplish them all or none, and then do the things I WANT to do just for the sake of ENJOYING DOING THEM?

Well, that sure as hell has been helpful!

Now I can release a book, perform in a show, build a new web page, love my wife, workout, and help other people strictly for the pleasure I have chosen to get from them.

So, the BIG accomplishment hack I promised with the title of this blog is:

BE HAPPY, and do the stuff you do with that energy, and you'll always get what you wanted from it!

Oh- and for an even faster hack for that- Be The Source of what you want for Other People, and You'll experience having it yourself. Which is what I just did by writing this blog post.

See how that works?

What can YOU do today for someone that you wish someone would do for you?

Friday, December 06, 2013

Willy Wonka "Oh, You're An Actress? May I..."

Willy Wonka: "Oh, You're An Actress? May I..."

Ok, I admit it, I went a little mean here.

But it's all in the name of finding the actors who are sick and tired of having a day job, and want to be set free from living the life they can't get out of!

"There are 2 kinds of Actors", as I say over and over, and it's going to be a tired line for me by the time people start listening to me, but maybe they'll listen to Willy Wonka instead!

Maybe there are enough artists and actors who are willing to build their acting business without a day job, and want to find other people like us who will help them.

Then again, maybe some people will think I'm just cruel.

They might ignore all the other ways I try to help, or the clever posts I've made.

Hopefully, this will make them laugh, then think, then TAKE ACTION.

So c'mon Willy- Let's take them to a world of PURE IMAGINATION!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

The World Has Lost A Hero- Nelson Mandela Has Passed Away.

Nelson Mandela Died Today.

When people talk about what kind of person they want to be, and who are our heroes, Nelson Mandela is often on the list.

You can go to NBC for a news story, but I just wanted to say thank you to him, and everyone who is fighting to help create a world that is better for everyone.

And I ask myself... Am I doing that?

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Birthing Babies and Business Marketing

I had this marketing epiphany after seeing The Business of Being Born on Netflix. If you're a midwife, you have a business. Here are 2 things any business should keep in mind when marketing their stuff.

▶ Disney's "Frozen" and Casting question - Entreperformers

▶ Disney's "Frozen" and Casting question - YouTube: ""

As Disney changes the storylines and stereotypes to support different cultural norms, I had some thoughts about casting actors for roles and what "brand" we all project.

*Apologies to Lauren Abrams for the impersonation, as it was only a facebook conversation.
The voice I heard was strictly in my head... but I'm pretty sure it was close.

When people think of you, what are they thinking?

Monday, December 02, 2013

Sam Harris Speaks Plainly, but POWERFULLY

A Punch From Sam Harris

Maybe you don't know Sam Harris, but he's the author of several books including one I recently read "The Moral Landscape", which blew my mind.

It was about the SCIENCE of Morality.

Have you ever thought about that?
Is there a way to create a moral society using SCIENCE?
I hadn't but after reading that book, I think we can. However, there are a few things we're going to have to face about our current state of how we measure morality.

WARNING- This video may change your life.

Sam Harris - Morality and the Christian God - YouTube: ""
That video is pretty powerful to me, and I hope it is to you.

Maybe it opened your mind to loo around at things that we take for granted.
It did for me.

What was powerful for you in this?

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Carlos Acosta, Reluctant Ballet Dancer Amazes The World

Carlos Acosta's story is inspiring to me.

He grew up in the slums of Cuba (Isn't communism supposed to avoid that?) where his father INSISTED he learn ballet... and now he dances all over the world, and THE CHICKS DIG HIM.

Now why did I have to bring that part into it?

See, when I was in Elementary school, we had BALLET HISPANICO across the street from my school, and I remember visiting. I remember us running across the floor, and jumping over an imaginary hole in the ground, and I also remember wanting to be a little more "graceful" about it.

But I also remember wanting girls to like me,
And Ballet isn't macho.

YES, I've seen Billy Elliot and all of that, but I'm just saying that it must have been hard for Carlos Acosta to grow up wanting to be macho in Cuba, but taking ballet all the time. The thing is, now he's got that "Cuban Machismo" (not my words!) and a powerful, confident body.

I'm pretty sure the chicks dig him ;-)

So my question for you is:
What kind of obstacles have you encountered in your art as an actor or performer?
What kind of self-doubt has crept up for you, and how do you overcome it when it comes up?

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