Saturday, May 30, 2015

How To Quit Your Day Job Forever

Yesterday, I was pushing my baby Pike in the stroller, and a man commented on how many fathers he's seen lately who seem to not have jobs...

"Don't all of you guys WORK?"

And I told him that I haven't had a day job in about 13 years.

When he asked how that was possible, I pointed him to my book on Amazon,
but I figured that since you guys are MY PEOPLE, I'd let you have it for free:

All you need to do is SHARE IT, and you'll get it for free!

Tasting the New Tastes on The Upper West Side at the Old Junior High School

Last night, my wife and I got to go to "New Tastes On The Upper West Side", and event where all the local restaurants give samples away and compete for a vote to win best.... something.

We had a lot of fun, a lot of good food, and the band was great.

But what was weird for me is that it was held at my old Junior High school, William . O'Shea, I.S. 44 on 77th Street and Columbus Avenue:

It reminded me of playing football out there, going to eat at the Chinese restaurant across the Street and going to Jimmy's Dad's house for lunch and to watch some MTV when it was a new thing that showed "videos" of Music! What?

Thanks to my wonderful Mom for the idea and the tickets, and for watching Pike for us so we could go. THANKS MOM!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes

I feel silly right now because this short talk was absolutely life-altering for me.

I think ANYONE "looking" for their life's purpose can find it here.

I have been wandering around with a very vague idea about helping people, and being enthusiastic, and being an actor, blah, blah, blah, but this talk (since I was brave enough to participate)  really helped me focus on the person I WANT to be.

You see, I knew that I could just "choose" who and what I want to be in life, but this talk really brings it down to 5 sentences. Please watch it. I'm now going to find everything I can on Ada, Leipzig.

I know you're probably curious as to what I said, but I'm going to make you watch it instead!


The comments on the youtube page are pretty telling also- people trying t find the loophole, and being scared to CHOOSE what their purpose is.

Again. I loved it. Sharing RIGHT NOW.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I got some sad news today

There I was in LA, pushing my son Pike on the swings,
thinking about stupid stuff- career, money, and whether or not I 
looked "suspicious" in my camo shorts and hoodie.

That's when the text came in::

"They think they found Rachel's body, but her husband is going there to see"


My friend was on that train that derailed yesterday,
and she was reported missing.

I posted it on facebook, but I really just assumed she was lost
in a hospital or something. I didn't even think about her dying.

She has a loving husband,
and a two-year old.


That hit me, and I quickly felt a sharp, stuttered breath,
and a cough.

My eyes were suddenly wet.

I looked around at the other kids running and laughing 
in the park, and how many of them were with nannies, but
who would see their mommies later... 

and that Rachel's two year old won't ever see her again.


I quickly grabbed up Pike, held him close, left the park,
and texted my wife that I love her so very much.


May I suggest you do the same, for whoever you love,
because you never know when it's all over.

And I asked myself-  WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE NOW?

Now that this event has happened in my life, who do I want
to be in relation to it? 

What does my character do in my story now that
this has happened?

Today, I want to be someone who has been reminded how
precious life is, and that the people who you are travelling through it
with are precious too.

And to be someone who reminds others.

I hope this email did that for you.

Also, remember that if something ever happened to you, that
people care, and would be hurt deeply- even people who
you wouldn't think of.


Let Your Light So Shine Before Men,

- Bones

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Question: What is the Soul? ANSWERED!

What is the Soul?

In This video, Neale Donald Walsch discusses what the soul is, as defined by the Conversations With God teachings.

No matter what religion you are, you may find this answer very interesting.

I am an HUGE Fan of Neale Donald Walsch, and I hope you enjoy him as much as I do!

Watch It Here

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