Thursday, September 19, 2013

Giving Away The Store

Look! I'm giving away a large section of the Bones Rodriguez Library for absolutely NO REASON other than I can...
Amazon allows me to give away copies for a few days, so please order, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!
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Enjoy... and Leave me a review or 5, would you?

Remember to leave me a review please, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Do **NOT** Buy My Books!

That's right- do NOT buy my books...


Starting Tomorrow, Thursday September 19th,
For THREE DAYS ONLY, 5 books from my library,
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Yup, that's right- FREE KINDLE BOOKS!

And I hope that you'll go grab them, review them, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS! 
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Keep an eye out for a remindertomorrow, and I hope you ENJOY all of these experiences!
Let Your Light So Shine Before Men,
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How To Make a HILARIOUS Video 101

"How To Make An Hilarious Video 101"
Actually, this is less of a lesson, and more of a case study of two different videos.
The first is HILARIOUS, and you will share this post just because of the sheer
BALLS these guys had to make the video:

They obviuously revel in trying to make ridiculous things, and in making people laugh. You, and everyone else will share this because they appreciate how HARD people worked on this... just to make us laugh.

The second Hilarious Video (maybe?)is a whole "internet hype machine" analysis, committed Brilliantly by Jimmy Kimmel, and it will show how insane the thirst for DISASTER PORN is online:

So, now that you know that videos are amazing, you might want to get a copy of:

For me, when I saw this video a few days ago, I wasn't concerned about whether it was fake or not, but whether SHE WAS OK! I just don't get the whole "If someone is getting hurt, then it's a HILARIOUS VIDEO". Although people share it, I am just not one of the people who laugh at them.
The news channels picking it up is crazy, and it just shows how it works.
So- to make an HILARIOUS VIDEO, Humiliation works pretty well.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

2 Boys Make Their Dad Proud, But Not The Way You Expect.

Get the tissues ready.

I figured on this day, I would remind everyone to say "I LOVE YOU" to the people in your life.
This Dad says he has no regrets, and after hearing his story, I think you can understand why:

One of the great things about being a No Day Job Actor is that I can see these, pass them on, and get paid for it- so I can donate to great causes like these.

I felt like donating immediately, and I thought you might also.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Exactly Why "Gay Rights" and "Natural" Is Totally Wrong

The Lefty argument for Gay Rights and Gay Marriage is explained well in this video,

Watch the video, and then see my comments...

If you think homosexuality is an unnatural condition, I cannot agree with you - Q&A - YouTube: ""

The entire argument is based on whether or not Homosexuality is "natural", and whether or not people are "born that way" or not. The supposition is that if people are born that way, and God made them that way, and God makes no mistakes, therefore being Gay, or CHOOSING to have gay sex is "natural".

But those are a lot of suppositions. ALSO, they are all completely immaterial to the discussion.

The religious argument doesn't take the position of whether or not "natural" is part of the argument or not.
It is NATURAL for me (a straight man) to desire to have sex with many different women all the time- whether they want it or not... I am BORN that way... it is NATURAL for me to feel that way.

But as a Married man, I have to CHOOSE not to do it.
I have to CHOOSE not to have sex with other women.

It is a "natural" desire, I was "born that way", but I have to CHOOSE not to DO it.

You see, even if you're BORN with the propensity to desire something, it doesn't mean that you SHOULD proceed and do it or not.

So- is "BEING GAY" a choice? Who cares? Maybe, maybe not. Immaterial.

Is doing the ACT of having gay sex a choice?


I could CHOOSE to have gay sex if I wanted to, whether or not I were actually attracted to another man or not. I could CHOOSE to DO THE ACT or not.

The Catholic Church talks about condemning the SIN, and not the SINNER.

Which is completely and totally in line with how they view EVERY sin.
If I were to CHOOSE to commit adultery, then that would be "bad" in their eyes.

Therefore, whether or not wanting to have a same sex partner is natural (or not), it should have NO BEARING on the discussion of LEGAL marriage rights.

Just like the religious argument should have NO BEARING on the discussion of LEGAL marriage rights.


Two consenting adults who love each other, and who have CHOSEN to be with each other should have every LEGAL right to do so- otherwise it's actually GENDER DISCRIMINATION.

I applaud this guy for coming to a correct conclusion, but the underlying reasoning is nonsense.

Let's not allow the "Is it a choice or not?" discussion to EVER be raised again.

"Gay Civil Rights" are just RIGHTS- for people of any gender.

And 2 consenting adults should be FREEEEEE to legally commit to each other.


YES! Alyssa Milano Sex Tape, and it's worth EVERY SECOND!!

I know, I know, you're turned off by my posting a sex tape video, but DAYUM, is it important that you see it!
I mean really- the hotel, the flowers, and let's not forget the SEX...

Oh- also, what's on TV...


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Monday, September 02, 2013

16 Quick Ways To Be Happier NOW

In the next 2 minutes, you're going to learn 16 ways to add to your own happiness immediately.

I was having a conversation with a friend this weekend, and I was trying to explain that although "happiness" is indefinable, and a personal measurement, that there are things that UNIVERSALLY move us away from, or toward happiness.

I made the parallel to health, saying that although health isn't ever "perfected", and is a personal measurement (healthy compared to what?), there are things that UNIVERSALLY move you towards or away from health.

For instance, SMOKING always leads AWAY from happiness.

Similarly, resentment, and regret ALWAYS lead you away from happiness, no matter who you are.

So, some of these 16 quick ways will help you move TOWARDS more happiness, no matter who you are:

I'm going to go put on some yellow clothes, and have more sex!

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