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Saturday, July 19, 2008

An Idea for

I really love donating to

In my ebook "How To Make Money and Have Sex In The Same Room Everyday"
I tell their story, and ask people to donate to the charity at the end.

Well, I recently had an Idea for them, so I sent this letter:


I had an idea.

I love donating on your site, and do I when I can. I also donate to
other charities,
but with yours that feeling of "buying" the gifts is just superb.

I really feel like I'm shopping, and the whole idea is genius.

I also occasionally do events for charities, and really love the
"personal donation pages"
that so many charities have now. Here are three of mine:

I was thinking how much more donations you would get if you had these kinds of
"personal giving" pages, where it's not just for events and people to
donate on, but even
the original donor would have their own portal.

For instance, at not only could other people
donate to it, and
"shop" for the gifts they'd like giving, they would of course be
offered their own site.

HOWEVER, if BONES goes to his own site, it would be a "shopping experience" like
at it could tell me what I bought last time, when the last
time I donated was,
where my purchases have gone, etc. You could do a myriad of things to make it a
"Shopping experience" that people would want to KEEP doing. They might even see
what their friends have bought recently (with everyone's permission of
course), and
maybe even send requests to their friends to "chip in" on promise
baskets and arks,
or any of the other "high-ticket" items.

I really think that Heifer is doing such great work, and I hope that
these ideas help
you go forward in expanding your reach and influence.


We'll see what they do with it!

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