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Friday, June 18, 2010

Toy Story 3- My Favorite Movie of All Time???

I went to see TOY STORY 3 last night at midnight- yes, it's supposed to be a kids' movie, but the theatre was packed with adults... well, over 18 years old adults. If you ask anyone what my favorite movie is, they'll tell you Toy Story 2- I just think that movie has absolutely everything in a great balance. Every line is important, and every plot point is also. I love it.

However, last night, the THIRD movie in the franchise may have just outdone it.
There is a story-telling skill over at Pixar that must be applauded, as well as a knack for grabbing inspiration. I was SOOOOOOO blown away by how great this movie was, I wass crying not because of what was happening, but because someone was able to make it come true on the screen. Absolute MASTERY of a movie.
I have one teeny-tiny choice that I want to see different, but that's just my choice about redemption, but the fact that I'm even talking about that is astounding. PLEASE go see this movie!

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