Friday, May 10, 2019


How To Promote Kaboom and Make FREE Money with FREE Traffic To Your Website

what's up you guys it is bones Rodriguez

actor author entrepreneur born and

raised here in New York City where I

lived with my wife and two kids I don't

know if that's the greatest intro but

that's the intro I I do so I've been a

member of kaboom for just a couple days

now and I've made 180 bucks paid to pay

directly you know get paid instantly

so the first I'll show you the first two

payments were to my van mo I took a

picture and I posted here we go all

right and then I also got paid to see

the Georgia it's lost their mind Georgia

lost their mind and then I also got paid

to my aura account which if you don't

have an or account you absolutely have

to do that it's just great so many

places are using auto so you get paid

instantly you guys instantly and you can

just go over to the ATM and take out

your money just like that boom no


any time and it's just the way to go so

get your organ card I'm making maybe

I'll put a link down here if you don't

know what I'm talking about

but um kaboom let me just go here so

kaboom here's how so most people will go

and promote kaboom directly and great

because with kaboom free members can

make money listen again free members can

make ten bucks when somebody buys an ad

pack from kaboom traffic great so let's

say you're a free member because you had

you you know you're broke you have no

belief you're willing to spend a whole

lot of time to make ten bucks and rather

than spend 100 you want to make money

with kaboom here's what you do ready

kaboom is for people who have a business

and who want to promote it and the best

people to promote it to or people who

have other businesses okay people like

me I join a whole bunch of stuff because

so many very cool businesses make money

from all of them and it's just fun to do

new things over and over again and

that's what the personality is of the

biz op person it just is

and get used to it I know some of you

guys are like in your MLM phase and

you're like no I want everyone to get my

juice only it's not what happens so stop

fighting against that okay so you invite

the right kind of people to take a look

at kaboom so they can so they can

promote their business okay how do you

do that you can you can join kaboom it's

free you get your leg right so go here

you choose your pages you log in

bah-bah-bah and you get your account

right and see in the past 24 hours I

have 54 page views but Allah made this I

don't know if this means I'm owed 60

still which would be great or I don't

even know but it doesn't matter you grab

your link from kaboom you can just go

like this click copy right and then you

can go out to the make money online

Facebook groups okay I'm gonna tell you

to go over to market my link market my

link calm okay and down here you can get

a free lead system which I think it's

great but you scroll all the way down

here and market my link you can get the

massive Facebook group list okay and

any link comm so if if you just go to

this is step two it'll get you there too

but here this is a free system that you

can use and then add your kaboom link

here ok so this you use this and you can

promote any link any link it emails for

you females for you let me say it again

getting started so I hope you felt

helped talk to you soon