Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Kindle should be doing...

As an author, I recently uploaded a bunch of my books to KINDLE, and told people they were available.

A bunch of people bought them, but many told me they didn't have a kindle, so they couldn't get them.
So, the first thing Amazon should be doing is telling people that they do not need a kindle to read the books more effectively than they are.

In fact, I am a "kindle Author", and I don't have a kindle either why would I when I can get the kindle apps on my PC and my smartphone?

But here's what Amazon should be doing with Kindle books-


That's right- let people sell them to other people for 1/2 of what they paid for them. All of a sudden, there is a market for USED Kindle books, and people can pass them around, still generating money for them, and yet paying less than just getting them from Amazon. After a few passes, the book could expire.

Let's say I buy "Captain Kirk's Guide To Women" for $11, someone else can buy it for $5.50, the next for $2.75, the next for $1.35, etc. The same people still get paid again- the Author, Amazon, the Publisher, etc, but the previous purchaser gets a piece too.

This is a good idea.

And I believe it will save the book world.

If you like this idea, share this post and get it to someone at Amazon please.

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