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Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Leblon James" slam dunks Miami nightlife

"Leblon James" slam dunks Miami nightlife

Never bet against King James.

What does famous basketball star Lebron James have to do with my hangover?
Well, it's not what you think...

I decided to go out in Miami with a rather tall chilean female friend of mine,
and we ran into a bunch of Spaniards who kept saying that Miami was "puta madre",
which by my understanding means "whore mother".

Well, by the end of the night, I would know what they meant.

The four of us went out to The Delano, one of Miami's hottest, swankiest hotels,
where women can just stand around and be bought drinks, rooms, and
bentleys if they're patient. I turned my head for a second to talk to the spaniards
when some guy with a glint in his eye offered to by my vertically advantaged friend a drink:

"Have you had a Leblon James yet?"
"It's Leblon and Orange Juice"

I laughed, and maybe interrupting his flow,
"That's hilarious" I said.

Of course, I got the joke, that LebRon James (with an r) is a basketball star,
and so having Leblon (a brand of Cachaca) with orange juice was representative of him.

It was sweeter than a vodka and oj,
but not girlie, so I liked it.

We all liked it.

Well, the guy was nice enough to get us all a round,
and then another, and then another.

And at the Delano, that got pricey.

Frankly, I was thinking about going home with him myself!

We eventually left (sorry Delano guy) and went on to The Clevelander,
which is pretty much the opposite of The Delano, with people dancing
and rapping along to hip-hop beats all night.

We thought it was appropriate to order a couple of Leblon James' at the Clevelander
(Lebron plays for The Cleveland Cavaliers), but the bartender hadn't heard of it yet.

Once we explained it was Leblon with Orange juice,
the bartender laughed, and gave them to us on the house!

That's probably when we should have called the game,

but since we didn't pay for the first round, we made it up by ordering two more.
Well, about an hour into the dancing, just about when
Biggie was talking about how his crew does run-run, I felt it-

Leblon James had slam dunked on me.

I decided that I would put some money down on the next Cavaliers game,
because if King James' drink could do a number on me,
I'm pretty sure we'll see them in the final four this year.

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