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Thursday, July 29, 2010

NY Water is FLAMMABLE???

Up in Candor NY, a man can LIGHT HIS WATER ON FIRE:

How are we ok with this? No one has investigated, because they would then of course find something wrong, and then the company would be liable for something, and then they'd get sued, and then more people would probably find that their water is flammable and toxic, and the company would lose more money.

I assume that's why no one official has looked into this.

But then we gotta ask ourselves if it's worth the profits to let a Vietnam Vet have FLAMMABLE toxic water. What happens in his neighborhood when there's a fire, and they call the fire department? They are going to have to hose from the same FLAMMABLE Water!

And who MAKES money from this story? The Bottled water companies.

In my mind the bottled water companies shouldn't even exist- there should be no need for them, and yet, I filter my water, and buy bottled water when I'm out- supporting their corrupt agenda.

And here's another from MSNBC:

This makes me crazy and sick- just like the water.

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