Friday, April 26, 2019

This Money Machine Beats EVERY Bank in the USA!

Parents and babysitters who see me at the playground all the time often ask me about my videos on YouTube, and how I make money from home. I usually describe the "Online Vending machine" idea so that it's easily graspable. Most people "get it" when they hear it, and want to get started, HOWEVER, I was with my son in the MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY when in between the gift shop and the flying dinosaurs, I saw THIS PENNY MACHINE that made me STOP in my tracks, and make this video- Let me know if you understand what I'm saying!

Bam! You get $1,000 literally for sharing a Youtube video

  YES- THIS IS FOR F*CKING REAL.   Some people want a "drop shipping" business Some people want a "Marketing Agency" bus...