Wednesday, March 18, 2020

2 Coronavirus TEDx Talks We Should Have Listened To

Honestly, this post won't make you feel better, but you should share it anyway.

However, it has REAL information that will maybe make you feel more informed and confident about what the future will be like. If anything, we may come to realize just how connected we are,

and this scare may very well bring the world a little closer together.

And then there's BILL GATES, who tried to tell us 4 years ago what we weren't prepared for what is happening now. If you haven't seen "Bill Gate's Brain" on Netflix, you may start to recognize what kind of a guy we have living among us... and we should be listening to him a lot more.

Honestly, this talk pretty much tells us that we should have expected this:

He talks about preparation, practice, and GLOBAL responsibility, just like the video above. He talks about using the military being ready for these a "Germ War" he says we should prepare for.

He says that the WHO says a major flu would cost about 3 trillion dollars...

Just so you know, the stock market lost 11 TRILLION DOLLARS just last week.

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