Friday, January 31, 2014

The FREE 6-Day No More Waiters "Quit Your Day Job" Video Course

The Free 6-Day No More Waiters Video Course

I did a little survey, and it seems that many people who like the idea of quitting their day jobs and running off to become actors or artists or whatever are missing some of the underlying ideas.

I put together 6 videos that I shot all at once in my bedroom.

Why? Well, because I had procrastinated on doing it for long enough, because the timing was never perfect.


You can sign up for it HERE, and it's now the first 6 days of the Entreperformer email series.

Here's the first episode:

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The ONE Picture that changed my life...

This is the ONE picture that changed my life: 

The news is out, the secret is busted- I couldn't hold out any longer:
We're having a baby!

That's just one there by the way, in case you thought maybe it was two.
I have been holding it in for weeks (12 to be exact), and I FINALLY get to tell everyone.

Also, I went to a career fair for Skidmore. More thoughts after the video:

So, there ya go! I have some more thoughts on the Career fair thing. I'll save them for another video.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"That's show business!" she said. But then...

"That's Show Business!" she said. But then I told her this...

Have you ever ben so excited about a part because you KNEW the producer, the director, and had done the show with them before? THE SAME SHOW?

Only to find out that you didn't get it?

Yeah- me too. And today, I tell a little story about it, and how when you don't NEED the show, the pain of it can go away.

That's show business! - YouTube: ""

You see, we were already doing a show that day- we were both already sharing our talent and making people laugh, and talking about a horse and a farmer... "Maybe" is a great way to see the future.

When you work for yourself, then you get to control your own life, and your own time. Would you like my help in doing that? Then START.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Car Alarm Angers Me, So We Do This!

Car Alarm, Ringing all day, at sub-freezing temperatures

This is at 9:30pm, and we realized that this car alarm had been going off every 5 minutes for over 12 hours. I had called 311, and they told me it was a 911 emergency... Well, nothing happened. So we investigated...

Some people walked by as we made this, and I think I scared them a little.
But I was angry!

SHAME ON YOU SAAB OWNER, License plate #CSW4884!!!!

Thankfully, we're artists, and turned our anger into a little scene. Thankfully we don't have jobs, so we can do this kind of thing.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Day AFTER Christmas?

I'm in Seattle visiting with my wife's side of the family, and I realized that so many people were just getting off of work the day after Christmas...

▶ Day AFTER Christmas? - YouTube: ""

Seriously, isn't it better to NOT go to work, and instead live the laptop lifestyle?
C'mon, let's do it together!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Drunk New Years Motivation!

Happy 2014- Here's a Little Drunk New Year's Motivation!

Last night we went to a party in Brooklyn, and we ran up on the VERY, VERY COLD roof to look at the fireworks. However, once we got up there, we decided that we could see them through the windows JUST FINE. As we went in, I wanted to tell you this:

So, when you are making resolutions about what you want to DO this year, why not make them about who you want to BE, and let that create the decisions about your actions?

As for me, I have chosen to be someone who teaches people how to make money from home, so I constantly talk to people about creating assets and selling them. Over and Over. What about you?

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