Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's Bikini Time- Get A FREE Bottle of BioTrust Low-Carb Protein!

Get a FREE Bottle of Biotrust Low-Carb Protein

I bought a ton of this stuff because I LOVE it.

(It's also cheaper when you buy a ton!)

I have made a couple of videos about Biotrust Low Carb Protein, and they've gotten a little bit of traction.
The reason I'm a big fan is that instead of using a ton of sugar, or a lot of Sucralose (possibly cancer-causing) they use STEVIA.
Stevia is a natural sweetner, and this stuff mixes with just about anything. I use the Vanilla Biotrust Low Carb so that I can change the flavor. With Chocolate, the flavor is always chocolate
For some people that's great, but for me, I figure I can always add chocolate flavoring.

It also DOESN'T FOAM!!
I was using a ll these other brands before (Even Jay Robb) that foamed up when I mixed them with water, but not Biotrust!
If you want to make a whey protein shake without it foaming, the best solution is to use Biotrust!
Anyway, if you want a FREE BOTTLE (limited time) then go here:

Friday, May 16, 2014

Get "No More Waiters" for FREE- Until Sunday

I'm on vacation, but wanted to do something special for you guys while I was on the beach.
See, I've been trying to get people to buy, learn, and then ACT on the information in "No More Waiters" and start a side or online business so they can be free instead of being wage slaves, and eventually giving up their dreams of being a full-time artist.
You see, I think an artist needs to be FREE to create, and I've seen too many great actors, dancers, and other artists give up because they had "temporary" DAY JOBS that took over thier lives.
I get it- we all need to eat.
But I have been trying to get people to start their own side business the wrong way.
Instead of having them buy "No More Waiters" and then learn from it, and then ACT on it, I'm going to do the opposite.
For a few days, I'm going to experiment.
You see, when you GET STARTED with our blogging platform, you'll instantly HAVE a business platform where you can sell anything.
Then, since you already chose to ACT, then I can help you LEARN at the same time while you are buying assets and MAKING MONEY.
So, for the next 20 people (actually, 3 are already gone) or until Sunday (whichever is first), I will GIVE AWAY a copy of "No More Waiters" along with the "No Day Job Actor Blogging Blueprint" recorded seminar.

So, when you SIGN UP HERE, I'll send you a copy.
Simple as that.
You ACT, and then I INVEST in you with a free copy.
I suggest you GO FOR IT RIGHT NOW before other people beat you to it.
I'm going to the beach now!

Get "No More Waiters" for FREE- Until Sunday:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wanna Be in "The Lion King?"

Well, not exactly IN the show, but...

"It's The Circle Of Life!"

I shot this video last night because this morning at 6AM (!) I was part of the ESPN Upfront show, where they tell execs from other companies to advertise on ESPN...


Yup, The Lion King rented out their theatre to ESPN for their dark nights, and I got to be a referee having fun with the attendees.

Definitely a weirdo job, but fun because I got to do it with a bunch of other NY Improvisors:

Fun gig, at a MAGICAL BROADWAY SHOW PLACE... and a bunch of money!


Monday, May 12, 2014

$100 a week?

What can you do for $100?

I mean really. This isn't that big a question, so after I made this video I asked myself that if $100 isn't that big a deal, then why would $1000? or 10,000, or 1,000,000?

But I'm getting ahead of myself... watch the video.

So, what can YOU do instead of barbacking?

Tired of the chase?

Chasing Your Dreams Is Tiring

I had a conversation with an actress who had just done King Lear. On the way home,

she was lamenting how tired she was from catering, then auditioning, then rehearsing,

and then performing... Like the rest of us, she wanted to ditch the catering part!

I told her what I tell everyone...

"There are two kinds of Actors... Those who bring the check to the table, and

those who GET the check in the mail!"

Chasing your dreams is tiring, but IT SHOULD BE.

That's why it feels so good when you catch them!

Click here to get the WHOLE STORY...

What's YOUR opinion?

Friday, May 09, 2014

Bill Cosby Makes Me Cry, But Not How You'd Expect

Bill Cosby is a Genius.

Always has been, but in this short story, he not only entertains, but

I've come to the point where I realize that I'm too old

to ever get a "Lifetime Achievement Award" for anything.

I'm really glad that he's getting recognized now, and you

can see the admiration in the faces. It's wonderful.

Thanks Cos.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Whoa. These 6 YEAR OLDS make me look silly.

This video came at a BAD time for me...

You see, the painful secret in my family is that I don't dance Salsa well, unlike

the rest of them. I think my mother blames herself (well, I',m not gonna take the blame!),

and now that Laura is pregnant, I am SURE that my mom is having FANTASIES

of her grandson moving like this:

Watch and feel shameful of your old, slow body:

And also feel the JOYFUL expression of a Latino Art form!

Friday, May 02, 2014

I audition for "husband"...With my real wife!

Look who I auditioned with today!

C'mon guys, this is what it's about. Waking up with your loved one, auditioning, and then going out to enjoy a beautiful day! Once I learned about how to be an Entreperformer, my whole life changed.

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