Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hey Jamba Juice- Listen Up!

I walked into Jamba Juice today because I had walked a long way without eating, and wanted to have a large drink. When I walked in, I saw that for the Holidays, they were doing a special- Free Jamba Juice for a $25 gift card. Sounds good, right? I'm a customer, I really like going there, and I would probably use the gift card myself, and as a result, buy more Jamba juice.

Which is WHY you offer gift cards- so people will give you money NOW, for something they will probably use more often because they have it.

 The woman in front of me ordered a POWER, their largest size, and a gift card. However, the special was only for the 16oz. size, like it said on the poster. She begrudgingly paid the extra $1.16 for the power size, took her gift card with the "buyers remorse face" you've seen before, and walked over to wait for her "free" drink... which as far as she's concerned cost her $26.16

But Bones is different.

Bones said "Hi, I WAS going to get a gift card, but I wanted a POWER size drink, and since I can't get that for free by spending the extra $25, I'm not going to buy the gift card. Please tell corporate that limiting the special to the 16 oz. size is stupid marketing."

 The girl at the counter looked at me with frustration.
"I guess aside from her, I am not the only person to say that to you today. You should definitely tell corporate they should fire the idiot who made that policy."
She said "Are you serious? You're not going to get the Gift card because of the DOLLAR?"
"That's right. I'd rather buy what I want, and maybe spend the other $25 somewhere else."

That's when she said "If I give you a POWER size, will you get the gift card?"
"Happily" I said.
And she did.

Now it seems like this story is about me "winning" something, but it's not-

The story is about a minimum-wage register clerk who took it upon herself to make the customer happy and took responsibility for HER customer's experience at the store she worked at. She didn't earn any extra money for doing that, and frankly, she'd probably get in trouble for it-

BUT I BOUGHT $25 MORE THAN I WAS GOING TO because of her initiative.

Tell the suit at corporate that I have his replacement.

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