Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bones Rodriguez in IN THE HEIGHTS!

I'm Rapping and Singing in:

Y'know how you have those things in life you WISH you would get the chance to do?

Playing USNAVI in "In The Heights" is one of those things for me.

I had just about given up on the idea since it closed on Broadway, and the character is in his twenties, and I... am not. Good thing I've been healthy!

Amazingly, CR Productions (The Capital Region's Best-Rated Theatre) chose to do the show, and chose me for the part! It was one of those things: Laura had done two shows for them in the past, they knew I wanted to do the show, and when the guy who was going to do it had to drop out (congrats on your baby!), I got the audition!

If you live anywhere near COHOES New York, from September 13-23rd I'll be playing USNAVI in this Amazing Show, and I would LOVE to do it for you!

(Click the picture to see the video)

You can also paste this link into your browser:


Also...I win GOLD during the Olympics!

That NY LOTTO COMMERCIAL I shot back a few months ago was running during the Olympics like Usain Bolt!
Thanks to everyone for the fun facebook messages, and since the Lotto commercial is running, and "In The Heights" is about winning the lotto- I'm off to get some tickets- JUST IN CASE!

Thanks for reading, and please keep in touch!

Bones Rodriguez

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