Wednesday, March 18, 2020

2 Coronavirus TEDx Talks We Should Have Listened To

Honestly, this post won't make you feel better, but you should share it anyway.

However, it has REAL information that will maybe make you feel more informed and confident about what the future will be like. If anything, we may come to realize just how connected we are,

and this scare may very well bring the world a little closer together.

And then there's BILL GATES, who tried to tell us 4 years ago what we weren't prepared for what is happening now. If you haven't seen "Bill Gate's Brain" on Netflix, you may start to recognize what kind of a guy we have living among us... and we should be listening to him a lot more.

Honestly, this talk pretty much tells us that we should have expected this:

He talks about preparation, practice, and GLOBAL responsibility, just like the video above. He talks about using the military being ready for these a "Germ War" he says we should prepare for.

He says that the WHO says a major flu would cost about 3 trillion dollars...

Just so you know, the stock market lost 11 TRILLION DOLLARS just last week.

Instead of being home and being powerless, I recommend you learn to make money at home RIGHT NOW. Bill Gates says "If we can learn NOW, we can be prepared for the future." 

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Saturday, February 08, 2020

Two Kids Spent 8 Years Recreating 'Toy Story 3' With Real Toys- And It's AMAZING.

I saw this headline, and I could NOT believe what it promised.

A "Real-Life" Toy Story 3... all in Stop motion?

And so I clicked, and OMG, it's real. This is somehow more of an achievement than the original movie to me! You HAVE to share this.

It's absolutely mind blowing to me that two kids would take all this time to do this, and when you see the level of detail they did, and how they get better as the years go...

It;'s inspiring.

I have spent years learning to make money online, and teaching people to get a second income from home with three simple actions, but maybe I'll go into movie making now!

Congrats to these two kids!

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Shark Tank: There Isn't A Dry Eye In The Tank After This Moving Pitch | ...

Image result for crying shark tank
Here is a CRAZY lesson in the POWER of the STORY behind your product or service.

Below is an INSTANTLY viral video of a SHARK TANK pitch that will no doubt sell a bazillion units. And it's all because of the compelling STORY behind the product.

When I released the Cash App System last year, I made it bcause I was SICK of Paypal's BS, and I said so in the video. That story responated with peole who wanted to make money from home, but had been burned by Paypal. Once that story got out, thousands have since bought it and make money with it.

The story of this vutting board is FAR more powerful, and speaks to FAR more people:

 Get the tissues.

So good, right?

Im sure stores will sell out quickly, if they're even available yet, but it'

s not just because of the cutting board, but because of the STORY behind it.

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Wow, huh?