Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Seriously, this is probably the cleverest poem ever, but definitely the cleverest thing I'll ever do.
If I could Write a Poem
It would be about Her.
I would write a poem with
The Best Hyperbole Ever.
The similies would be as shocking
as an electric chair of metaphors
I would personify her beckoning eyes
the Onomatopoeia would thunder and roar
With a little allitteration, it would win her heart
But I'd ruin the rhyme, end with a pun
and so I'm too scared to properly meet her.

And then there's this one:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yes, You Can Book Me For Either One!

This video is pretty much the story of my Acting Life...

So, book me as a Latino, African American, WHATEVER-

Just BOOK ME- You'll be right!

Friday, March 08, 2013

My Favorite Effect Of Make Up Sex

What is the Real Effect of Make Up Sex on a relationship?

I used to LOVE having Make Up Sex with my last girlfriend... thing is, she started finding ways to have fights with me all the time. Now that I think about it, that's sort of a compliment, isn't it?

Make Up Sex Effect

That was my main complaint about her- that we fought all the time. Little snippy things became full-blown arguments quickly.
But the Make Up Sex was really good... until even that got routine.

So maybe my wife has a point; maybe Make Up Sex DOES encourage fighting.

But damn... I mean...there's only one real way to find out....

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Have you had any good make up sex lately?

Even crazier- having a fight about whether or not to have Make Up Sex! I can't win!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Eric Worre Retires From MLM?

WOW! Eric Worre Retires from Network Marketing!

You heard the news: Eric Worre, the host of has announced his retirement from building in Network Marketing.
For some, this is a surprise, for others- we already knew the day was coming when “Eric Worre Retires”! Actually, it was years ago!
As a member of Eric Worre’s mlm group, I knew he had stopped building a few YEARS ago. He didn’t say it, but when the revenues from overshadowed his income from building an MLM business, we knew he was mentally gone.
And that was without any meetings, home parties, or being on the phone badgering his downline to get out and do something! LOL!

Are you paying attention?

He left Network Marketing because his BLOGGING BUSINESS was making him WAY more money.
So hey- Eric Worre retired from that- why not?
He’s providing more value for more people, so maybe now “Eric Worre retires” means that more people will be affected by his experience… but will he still have credibility? Will his trainings be full of fluff from “The Old Days”, or will it still be actionable and useful?

Will he actually teach people how HE'S making money now?
Not if he's telling them to buy 10 copies of his book and give it to their downline!

It’s part of the double-edged sword of being a generic trainer. So far, he’s done a great job!

Eric Worre Retires but still holds position…

I don’t believe that he has given up his position in his MLM company (that would be silly), but I think he’s seen the light- the days of cold calling, home parties, and 3-foot rule are over. He is proving it by showing that the real “BETTER WAY” is through finding a niche market and using the internet to blog, connect, and provide value that people pay for.
This is not the first time “Eric Worre Retires” has made news. When Eric Worre retired from Agel and moved to his final company, there was quite a shakeup, and people thought then that Eric Worre retired from Network Marketing, but he surprised everyone when he joined another solid, traditional company.

Eric Worre Retired, but will always support Network Marketers

So, even though he’s leaving the actual work of Network Marketing, he’ll be supporting Network Marketers by providing tips and advice on Does that mean he’s now become a “Shovel-Seller”, or is it just the safest and best way to truly be a help?
I guess only time will tell, but as his friend, admirer, and mentee, I say he’s got some guts!
And for the rest of us who want to make Network Marketing a Major Source of Income, your Final Opportunity Presentation is quite an eye opener!

However, if you'd rather actually do what he's been doing since Eric Worre Retired, go HERE

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