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Friday, November 15, 2013

ROAR! This Katy Perry Burlesque Routine Makes Me Say MEOWWWWW

ROAR! This Katy Perry Burlesque Routine Makes Me Say MEOWWWWW!

Have you ever giggled and been turned on at the same time?

Well, my friend Amanda Trusty just did a tap dancing burlesque routine to Katy Perry's ROAR that will make you giggle in your pants... also, it makes my point from one of my books super-strong:

A little back story makes this video so much sweeter:

I met Amanda doing "In The Heights" as our choreographer, and no, she didn't like me very much, as I tend to be a little outspoken. There's a club I think for people who feel that way about me, and she jumped in with both feet. However, we eventually got to be buddies, and she confided in me a little bit about herself and about career as a dancer:

She wanted to get more work as a dancer and get more men in her life, and so for that, she wanted to get absolutely skinny.

I remember her coming back from an audition and being so upset that the director had chosen a bunch of "rail-thin teens" for the show, and feeling rejected by the whole industry.

But see, Amanda has that quality that is essential for success- COURAGE.

She knew that I had written a health book (Half-Assed Health: How To Look Good Naked WITHOUT Starving, Suffering, or Surgery), and a book on dating (Captain Kirk's Guide To Women) and wanted advice on losing weight and on being more confident in her dating life.

I gave her a recipe for breakfast, but that wasn't what was important. See, one night after our opening, we all went out to celebrate, and she was in a spectacular mood. She wore a great dress that showed off her body, her fantastic red hair, and her dazzling grey eyes.

But it was her attitude that night that made her absolutely stunning.

Now by that time, I think we were enemies again (I kept looking DOWN during that number!), but it didn't matter. She was in a great mood, I was also, and we had a bunch of fun together after sharing a shot of Jameson.

I told her at the end of the night that whatever she was BEING that night is the part of her that was irresistible.


That is the version of her you will see in this video, which also uses 3 features of a viral video as I outline in my YouTube Book (The YouTube Money Machine):
  1. A Popular song- Katy Perry's Roar
  2. A combination of Genres- Tap Dancing and Burlesque
  3. A Girl getting Naked for some reason!
I'm super proud of her, because as some people have mentioned, she is willing to stand there, not be a "rail-thin teen", dance and give us what is on her mind, show us her struggles, and reveal herself in several ways at once.

Showing us her COURAGE, showing us her ROAR, and making me


You GO Trusty!

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