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Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Worlds Collide- Andrea Martin and Me!

Ok, so here;s the story-
I've been hired as he spokesperson for Leblon Cachaca and the Legalize Cachaca movement, and this day I walked into a sports store on Alton avenue in Miami, and there's a picture of Quark in the store.
I say "Hey- It's Quark!". A woman at the desk says "Yes, well, I played Moogie- do you know who that is?"
I looked at her like "Please, don't insult me- of course I do", and I mentioned that I wrote Captain Kirk's Guide To Women. The woman is Andrea Martin, one of the women to play Quark's mother.
Well, we both had a chuckle over the coincidence, and we took a picture together.

Ain't that worth a latinum bar or two?

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