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Thursday, July 29, 2010

You are a Porn Star.

Is it me, or are the women in porn getting insanely beautiful? I don't just mean sexy and hot- I mean beautiful. Tera Patrick may very well be one of the most stunning women to walk the Earth, and mixed-race women are very popular in porn. Complex just listed the top 50 prettiest porn stars, and I gotta say, these women are extremely gorgeous, and will give any Hollywood starlet a run for her money.

So, if porn is attracting the more attractive women, and Hollywood has few real actors, and basically just pretty people and quick-cuts, aren't they pretty much going to merge soon? I mean Jenna Jameson has done a few cross-over movies, and Sasha Grey did that Steven Soderbergh deal, right?

But I think it means more than that.

Here's the thing- if I'm picking who my fantasy women are going to be- or maybe just the "special 5" (those 5 people whom you can have sex with permission from your partner), then I'm going for the Porn star WAAAAY over the Hollywood Celebrity.

I have NO IDEA if the Hollywood celebrity is going to be any good; she may just SEEM like it, but then be a real disappointment. With the Porn Star, I've SEEN THEIR WORK. They have a resume and a "body of work" (so to speak) that shows off their talents. I could just take a quick look at BorrowMyPorn and I would even know what to ask for, what they may be into, or what "special moves" they have.

Lets say you've got a thing for Angelina Jolie. Well, she sure SEEMS sexy and fun, but you can go watch Angelina Valentine at work (Yes, the name is a little obvious), and actually see for yourself. The woman everyone wants now is Megan Fox- well, I'd trade her in for a Jessica Jaymes any day.

Paris Hilton is well-known for "being a celebrity" and has her own MTV show, but her oral sex skills are just as well-known online (c'mon, you've seen it). She's not a "porn star", but she has her blowjob technique out there for everyone to see, and got an amazing amount of publicity for it.

Which leads me to YOU.

Yes, YOU.

Internet dating is here to stay, and is on the rise. We post pictures of ourselves and friends; we try to look our best when we're looking for someone new or just meeting new people.

So why not show of our sexual exploits as well? I think we are ALL going to have sex videos soon, where we actually showcase our sexual talents, likes and dislikes- and it will HELP us come closer together.

That's right- I said it.

I think it will be a GOOD thing.

Actually, now that I think about it, it's probably already happening somewhere, but to a section of society that is probably deemed "deviant" so far.

Well, mark my words, get naked, and get your flipcam ready!

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