Wednesday, May 08, 2019


Legit KABOOM TRAFFIC Review- Is it Legit, and Not A Scam? Here's PROOF!

what is happening you guys it is bones

Rodriguez let me make this full so you

can see my wonderful self hey what's up

it is bones Rodriguez and I'm gonna show

you about kaboom traffic which as you

saw but I wanted to let you know if

suddenly you start hearing drilling it's

because can you see that is the

balancing there we go see that there

those are knees those are a bunch of

knees thighs and knees that you see

outside my window because they are

making our new terraces so I think all

summer they're gonna be they're drilling

and anyway kids are at the playground

I'm gonna go meet them in a minute so I

just wanted to quickly show you what is

so awesome about kaboom traffic look

yeah it's not solo ads traffic it's not

these are people who are the right kind

of people people who have a business who

want to promote their business and this

is an opportunity and a way for you to

get your ads seen okay so when you log

in here you'll see there's a whole bunch

of ads here right see all these ads back

here all these ads that are all over the

place well this is how it works people

who sign up to use the system end up

seeing ads and their ads all over the

back-office as you see it just started

yesterday and this is the 120 bucks so

far and I mean started yesterday right

and my bad your banners go up for 60

days it is free you can earn money as a

free member okay

when people buy of course but even

there's a very cool little thing here

where is it so the next member to earn

ten bucks will be John Valley because

for every sale some random person gets

or the last person who made a sale I

think gets a ten bucks from that sale so

super cool to get an upgraded package is

a hundred bucks one time again you can

join for free and earn money for free

you want to make sure that you know that

before you go uh hundred bucks I'm going

to do it that's not the deal you can

earn money for free and more importantly

you can get your ads seen by the right

type of people okay

people are already making sales from

their ads that are

there I'll show you what mine are mine

for the next couple days or the next 60

days are these two right I have

something I call the super rotator and I

have a way to promote affiliate offers

and no paid ads in my opinion that's

what you should put back here because

the people back here are already shown

themselves to want that makes sense good

yeah that's a huge tip I just gave you

right so join for free

I suggest you upgrade here's why look

your hundred bucks one time for for 60

days to sales

you got that back and you go and you

move that money somewhere else that's

what you do

someone's calling who's calling me oh

dr. Halliwell well they can leave a

message and client he's a client of mine

and immediate so there you go that's

kaboom traffic and let me show you what

the Facebook just to let you know the

Facebook group after you join I want you

to see look just done making money Sam

making money this is a way to make sure

your banner ads get seen Sam Randall got

up for his primary business okay

he got one here I don't he got $250 sale

from that this is a webinar that did an

update there's a cool video about leads

and says look Tammy Montgomery made 700

bucks it's the first day first 24 hours

got a sale to our primary and that's

what you want right many people just

want a sale for the primary they don't

want to get involved in a hundred or

opportunities that's okay you gonna

spend money on traffic so use this as a

way to get traffic and maybe money also

okay here's something I was telling

somebody other day they were like bones

you just you just jumped in you paid 100

bucks how do you know it works I was

like I don't but here's the thing I paid

a hundred bucks so in a bit of time

within sixty days am I gonna get a

hundred bucks in there I feel like

either someone's gonna buy my primary or

they'll find two other people who also

by then I get the hundred bucks back and

then everything else is gravy that's the

first thing you know um what's his name

Brooks your Hathaway what's the thing I

use I use a lot

he's always talking about the first

thing you got to do when you invest but

Warren Buffett thank you the first thing

you gotta do when you invest is get your

money back right play with house money

you guys if you see me promoting

anything my strategy is to start it get

that money back and then decide if I

want to keep doing it does that make

sense now it's not the greatest because

you figure what the effort you put in

after you make it

your money back you just keep doing that

and that's true but that's my strategy

always put it down get it in there work

to get it back and then play with house

money have buy buttons all over those

all over the web free buy buttons I've

already this is already paid for by me I

paid for it I got the money back from

sales and now whatever happens is gravy

so that's why I'm not scared to jump

into stuff anymore and that's a huge tip

- this actually worked out to be a much

better video than I thought it would be

I just wanted to tell people that this

is good it is good you can make money

from it you get eyeballs on the thing

eyeballs from the right type of people

and that's it so get started there's a

link below if you go to jobs stink comm

slash kaboom join on my link at the

bottom connect with me you know I hooked

my people okay so that's it it's awesome

get to it talk to you soon bye