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Friday, December 13, 2013

Hot Chick Joanna Carpenter Talking BEER and AMERICA- Brave The Brew!

Hot chick talks about Beer and America!

Joanna Carpenter is an Entreperformer who I met through Lia Sumerano, who played Vanessa in "In The Heights" with me, but we made friends waiting at an audition for Aladdin.

Yes, New York City acting is a small world.

This vivacious energetic woman has a passion for BEER, and created where she talks beer and brewing. She took a few seconds with me at one of her events to talk about why America creates the coolest and most innovative beers in the world. Listen and fall in love:

Sign up at her site to come to her next event. I had a great time, learned more about beer, and got to try a lot of different beers... maybe too many?

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