Thursday, December 26, 2013


"Santernet Claus" Brought What You Wanted... Now What?

I just invented "Santernet Claus"

- to tell you that The Internet has made all of us Artists dreams come true.

As I read on Seth's Blog:  today, the Internet has made it so that if you said you wanted a way to DO your art without needing the gatekeepers, you can.

"If you're an actor, that means that when the internet says you can perform what you'd like, film it with the team you've chosen and distribute it far and wide..."

 But just because you CAN, it doesn't mean you will, does it?

It's terrifying to know that there are no real boundaries to your dreams, because the only thing to fight is your enemy in the mirror- And what if you can't win that battle?

I am asking MYSELF this as I write it- Why am I writing this post instead of writing, and shooting my own comedy work and uploading it for all the world to see?

Today is the day after Christmas, and whereas I'm sure we got some stuff we all wanted under the tree, what we REALLY say we want is right under our chests- GO DO IT.