Monday, December 23, 2013


Does Getting Rich Make You Mean?

Does Getting Rich Make You Mean?

Apparently, it kinda does.

This TED talk from Paul Piff outlines the studies he did when people who were set up with privilege in a game of monopoly began to see themselves as the reason for their dominance. Apparently, they had completely forgotten that they were given special rules, and they lost compassion for the other player:

Paul Piff: Does money make you mean? | Video on ""

In the home business world, I see this happen all the time. People who are "Trainers" really begin to think that they did something spectacular, when they forgot that they accidentally sponsored someone who had a large following, and then they think they've done something.
Big Al talks about there always being "another story" that people seem to not mention when they're promoting their wild success.
That's not to say that the success isn't deserved, but that sometimes there is a bunch of luck that seems to be overlooked.

And then they become callous and MEAN.

What do you think?