Sunday, December 08, 2013


“Accomplishment” Hacks For The Lazy, Ambitious, Successful Failures (Like Me)

“Accomplishment” Hacks For The Lazy, Ambitious, Successful Failures (Like Me)

Whether you call it being productive, accomplishing, or just gettin' it done, you have struggles with it.

We all do.

I totally stole this from Tim Ferris from his blog post:
“Productivity” Tricks for the Neurotic, Manic-Depressive, and Crazy (Like Me):

I even swiped the title... sorta, and I'll even copy the sentiment:

I am Your Latino Soap Opera Hero!
I think I'm a failing wreck of a human being, but most people would disagree with me.

Yeah, I get a bunch of stuff done; I'm an author, an actor, I manage a zillion web pages, I have a great marriage, I work out, and try to help other people do all that stuff to whenever I can.

Yet, I feel like I accomplish nothing, my books all suck, I am never prepared enough for performance, all my web pages go nowhere, my wife thinks I'm crazy, I'm getting old and fat, and I'm selfish, vain and self-important.

Also, I tend to exaggerate.

Even though I have these conflicting feelings, and I never get as much done as I'd like, I have had to take a reflective moment or two to ask myself WHY I feel I must accomplish these things, or anything at all.

I've learned from reading a ton of books from Neale Donald Walsch, along with Tony Robbins, and other human development people that I basically want to feel happy.

I am apparently under the impression that accomplishing all of these thing will make me happy.

And yet, I have learned that I can CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY at any moment over anything.

So, why not just choose to be happy whether I accomplish them all or none, and then do the things I WANT to do just for the sake of ENJOYING DOING THEM?

Well, that sure as hell has been helpful!

Now I can release a book, perform in a show, build a new web page, love my wife, workout, and help other people strictly for the pleasure I have chosen to get from them.

So, the BIG accomplishment hack I promised with the title of this blog is:

BE HAPPY, and do the stuff you do with that energy, and you'll always get what you wanted from it!

Oh- and for an even faster hack for that- Be The Source of what you want for Other People, and You'll experience having it yourself. Which is what I just did by writing this blog post.

See how that works?

What can YOU do today for someone that you wish someone would do for you?