Sunday, December 01, 2013


Carlos Acosta, Reluctant Ballet Dancer Amazes The World

Carlos Acosta's story is inspiring to me.

He grew up in the slums of Cuba (Isn't communism supposed to avoid that?) where his father INSISTED he learn ballet... and now he dances all over the world, and THE CHICKS DIG HIM.

Now why did I have to bring that part into it?

See, when I was in Elementary school, we had BALLET HISPANICO across the street from my school, and I remember visiting. I remember us running across the floor, and jumping over an imaginary hole in the ground, and I also remember wanting to be a little more "graceful" about it.

But I also remember wanting girls to like me,
And Ballet isn't macho.

YES, I've seen Billy Elliot and all of that, but I'm just saying that it must have been hard for Carlos Acosta to grow up wanting to be macho in Cuba, but taking ballet all the time. The thing is, now he's got that "Cuban Machismo" (not my words!) and a powerful, confident body.

I'm pretty sure the chicks dig him ;-)

So my question for you is:
What kind of obstacles have you encountered in your art as an actor or performer?
What kind of self-doubt has crept up for you, and how do you overcome it when it comes up?