Monday, March 10, 2014


Entreperformer Business Makeover- Acting Coach

Acting Coach Business Makeover

My friend Dana Daurey is an acting coach, and she has some great clients who praise her work with them. I met her doing a SEARS commercial a few years ago, and despite being super cute and pretty, she was HILARIOUS... (She's the little one):

She had created a new profile on Facebook in order to find new clients for her coaching. Her hope was that some of her friends would tell others, and she'd never have to find clients again. Well, we know that doesn't really happen, so I told her that she might be better off doing a facebook PAGE, and advertise for clients directly.

I took a look at her website, and gave her a MAKEOVER. I hope you learn from it too:

Entreperformer Business Makeover- Acting Coach - YouTube: "

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