Thursday, March 13, 2014


Why Is MLM So Difficult?

If MLM is too difficult,
it might just be the way you're doing it...

Date: Thursday March 13, 2014
From: Bones Rodriguez- Actor, Author, Entrepreneur


Let me tell you the "usual" MLM story...

A distributor gets a DVD on an MLM business opportunity, and after checking out the information, you are completely blown away by the presentation, and decide to join.

I mean, "3 Get 3" is a simple idea!

All they have to do is buy stuff every month, right?

Let's Go Get Rich!

You care about your friends and family, and wouldn't it be great if we could all get rich together? 

So you start calling, texting, emailing, and facebooking people like a maniac.

You start driving all over town sampling your product to friends and family ("You have to try it!"), telling them about the amazing benefits.

You tell them how the business opportunity could fix every problem they ever have!

You faithfully host 2 to 3 home parties weekly, and your vehicle is completely jammed packed with products, brochures, CDs, DVD's anything affiliated with your business.

If it exists, you own it!

Still, getting people to invest in your business is no easy task.

In fact, most people you show your MLM to love the product and the business model, but were not willing to join because of some unknown reason.

Maybe they don't want more money... or time... 


Of course they do.

Doesn't everyone?

What's wrong?

Besides, who else wants to run around all over town like you're doing, and harassing people all the time?

After about 8 months into your MLM business you find it extremely difficult to keep the people who joined your team on auto-ship...

It seems like every month at least 5 - 7 people are canceling their orders.

Your weekly checks hardly reflected how much TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY you're truly putting into your MLM Business.

Sound Familiar?

Unfortunately most people who join an MLM don't survive past 120 days, which means you've got to become a "recruiting machine" every single month just to keep momentum in your downline.

(This can become extremely exhausting.)

But... what about "3 Get 3"?

If you don't personally enroll at least 10 to 15 people into your business each month, it will be extremely difficult for you to earn any serious income working your business.

What happened to "The Dream"?

So you try again with a "New" Business...
and the cycle starts all over again.

And Again.

And Again.

So, instead of doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result, I have a suggestion for you...

How About Doing Something