Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Entreperformer Business Makeover- Yoga Instructor!

The First Entreperformer Business Makeover: Yoga Instructor!

My friend Kelly was cooking something for me (yes, I have good friends like that), and we were talking about her Yoga classes. She told me about what she was doing, and how she'd like to have it work. I gave her a number of ideas and plans, and I thought that other people might want to apply what I told her:


She already had a website put together, but I of course told her that she must build a mailing list, and for that, she might want to use AWEBER. It is the most well-known list service out there, and many of the other services use their platform and make things speciffically for their users. I also told her to run a blog, and learn how to promote it, so she gets traffic- the RIGHT kind of traffic.

Want to learn more about Kelly and the Yoga she teaches? Click HERE: http://www.KellyScanlon.com

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