Thursday, February 07, 2013


Mandy Evans Asks: “What YOUR Emotional Options”?

Emotional OptionsDid you know that every second of your life is filled with "Emotional Options"?

That high-faluting question is actually super-simple and obvious, but I had never considered it until I read Mandy Evan's book "Emotional Options".

You know I'm a big reader, and after reading this powerful and simple book (It's only 50 pages), I became Facebook friends with Mandy and really enjoy her postings.

Speaker, writer, coach and seminar leader, Mandy Evans teaches people a VERY FAST process that she calls "The Option Method" to help people BE HAPPIER. She is a contributing author to four books by Joe Vitale including bestsellers, “The Attractor Factor” and “The Key.” The are several videos of the two of them discussing life and happiness, and he often credits her for his growth:
Joe Vitale Introduces Mandy Evans

My copy of "Emotional Options" is highlighted all over the place, and I even DOUBLE starred this passage:

"To believe I need something requires, by definition, that I also believe I cannot be okay without that something. It may be an object, or an experience that I desire. In this view of reality, if I don't get it, that very not-getting threatens my well-being, my hopes for happiness, my ability to be okay. When i use un-happiness in order to help myself get what I want, or to get you to give me what I want, I live in that need. That experience is self-extinguishing- it is the state of non-being. The very thing I do to help myself cripples me, choking the life force and my ability to create." I know- it sounds like a lot, but by the time she gets there, it's pretty profound.

Anyway, I hope that you take the time to look Mandy up, get some of her work, and help yourself BE MORE HAPPY by exploring your "Emotional Options".