Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Barry Manilow wins Best Segue Ever Award

You Ask Why I'm A Barry Manilow Fan?

Because he just won the Best Segue Ever award from me!

Last night I went to see BARRY MANILOW in concert at the St. James Theater with my mom.
It was a GREAT show; he was so crowd-pleasing, humble, and fun! A true professional with an amazing catalog.

My mom used to listen to his records when I was little, and they all stuck with me. So, when the chance came up for us to go together, it was a really nice thing I could do with her, and we had a wonderful time together. Here's my cute mom:

He was such a professional, I had no choice but to make this awesome quote that he made last night, (paraphrased a little bit by me).

They gave out glow sticks, I sang along with all of the over-50 crowd, and it was great. Someone really oughtta start remaking his stuff- I think the emotionality of his songs is still very powerful- Sad, depressing, but also uplifting and exciting. Great Job Barry!