Friday, February 08, 2013


SendOutCards? Here's What They Won't Tell You...

Is SendOutCards a Scam?SendOutCards- What They Won't Tell You...

There are a lot of people who have taken a look at SendOutCards and have asked if it's a scam, or if people are making any money.

According to them it's a great service, and easy to sell, so you might as well join. However, what you might not have heard is that just like everything else, it requires some work to build a SendOutCards business.

I first saw SendOutCards when someone gave me a random call and wanted to "Show me something"... I was suspicious, but I said sure.

Next thing I knew, I was making a greeting card for my wife over the web, and when I realized that the card was going to be sent through the REAL mail, I was like:


I just thought it was such a great way to make my wife or anyone else feel great- I mean, who gets cards anymore? I also saw what a great tool it would be for any business trying to get attention. But then they said I could make money by telling other people about it!


So then I called some friends who said they wanted to make some money and talked to them about it...

They weren't into it.

 I talked to some other people... They weren't into it either.

Then my sponsor asked me something: "Bones- did you TALK to them, or did you SHOW them? Isn't that how YOU saw it?" Well that changed everything!

SendOutCards- Show and Tell

Try SendOutCardsSHOWING people and having them send a card is the most effective way of helping people see what a no-brainer it can be- for the right person.

Here's your BEST way to Make Money with SendOutCards:

Have people who ALREADY HAVE A BUSINESS send a card on the system, and then ask if they'd like to join as a customer, or as a distributor.

And if you want to do it automatically, I use THIS SYSTEM to do it.

So now, I DO NOT "talk to people" about it, I SHOW them how it works, and let the system to the work.

I've made money with it, and it remains one of my favorite services on the web. I HIGHLY recommend you get started today, DO NOT TRY TO TALK PEOPLE INTO IT, and instead SHOW them how we can all make people feel great and make some money doing it!

SendOutCards is a great way to make people feel great, help businesses market, and to make money from home, even if it does take some work...

Sounds good to me- by now, you think so too, don't you?