Thursday, March 09, 2023

Star Trek Makes The Future Of Weed Official!


Science fiction fans around the world were in shock recently when an episode of Star Trek: Picard revealed that cannabis still exists in the future! The episode, which is set in 2399, showed Captain Shaw having a talk with Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) about Changelings. Shaw talks about the "pot" (meaning bucket) where they sleep, Seven asked:

"I'm assuming you're not referring to cannabis..."


The appearance of cannabis in this beloved franchise has been received with enthusiasm from fans and industry members alike.

Bones Rodriguez from was thrilled to see it and discussed with his friends that “weed is the future” - a sentiment they all agree upon. The hope the idea spreads because they allow their customers to also profit from their affiliate program. 

Pop culture icons such as Patrick Stewart have publicly shared how they use cannabis to help them sleep and manage arthritis.

The future of cannabis looks brighter than ever, and Star Trek fans can rejoice knowing that it will still exist for centuries to come. As for now, cannabis enthusiasts everywhere can just keep enjoying their favorite strain and let the future take care of itself. Who knows, maybe one day we can all look forward to visiting the USS Enterprise and sharing a joint with Jean-Luc Picard! 

And as they say, “Make it so!”


Wednesday, March 08, 2023

How YOU can Make Money Copying Amazon's Digital Business

SOmetimes people think I'm a scammer, or don't have a "real" business. But when you want to make mney online, you have to do online things, and for some, they don't seem real.
In this video, I show you how AMAZON'S kindle business is exactly the way I teach people to have a solopreneur business online.

You CAN make money on the internet just by following some of these principles, and doing what I teach here!

Monday, March 06, 2023

Unbelievable: Can You *Really* Make Money From An Online Vending Machine?

Listen, I dpon't know how many times I have to tell you, but if you want to make money online, then use the idea of having an "Online Vending Machine" to guide you.

The facts are that downloadable products are all around, and you can get people
to buy them if they are exclusive and high quality

You can also sell subscriptions to get recurring income, passive income. I run an email internet vending machine, which means that you basically sell stuff through email, as you send people to your various "vending machines".

But even in those, there are other options. Just send the right people to the right offer.

Understand that ,ost will no buy- that's why you KEEP doing it.

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Friday, February 24, 2023

Home Cashflow Solutions is Legit, But It's For ADULTS

When someone sent me the link for Home Cash Flow Solutions, I couldn't believe it took me to YOUTUBE for the sales video.

I can't even really call it a sales video, it's more just an "Overview" video, and it does a very slow job of explaining how it works.

And that's the genius of it

After my review, just go here:

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

How To Make Money With Your OWN "Digital Dispensary"

 I got two quick, simple questions for you:

1- Do you think online shopping will continue into the future?

2- Do you think Marijuana and Cannabis Sales will continue to grow in the future?

Well. now you know why I'm here, and why I got started with 

Now, that may sound like a strange topic but I'm here to talk to you all about getting rich in the marijuana business. 

Now this is for adults, so you have to be 21 and over, to listen to the rest of this. If you aren't please stop this now.

Now, for the adults who realize that there is a tremendous opportunity ahead of you here, I'll continue.

First of all, weed is more popular than ever - and it's becoming increasingly legalized across the United States and all over the world. That means more people are buying cannabis products, which means the demand is getting high. Get it? 

Around the world, fast-moving entrepreneurs are growing and selling many different strains of marijuana, as well as edibles, oils, and so many other things. The whole industry is growing like WEED right now, kind of like Anheuser Beer did in the 1860's.

Now here's some terrible history.

Around 1865, some short-sighted investors were bought out of Anheuser beer.

And now 160 years later, one out of every 2 beers consumed in America are from Anheuser -Busch. That's 11 Billion bottles, around $50 BILLION dollars in revenue.

That's a lot of beer money, but here's the good news:

Cannabis sales are growing fast and are on pace to outperform beer...


So, I am determined not to miss out like those other guys did.

There are many different ways to make money in the Cannabis business. You can open a dispensary, start a delivery service, or even produce your own strains. The opportunities are truly endless into the future.

But most of us don't have the money, time or resources to do all of that.

But what we do have is... the internet.

We're showing people how to make money in the Cannabis Business with just an internet connection, and yes- a little bit of work.

This isn't a get rich quick scheme, but the internet makes it really easy and fast to start making money. You can be up and running today, all you need to do is sign up, promote their cannabis products and services, and you’ll start seeing those commissions come whenever someone buys. And guess what- People LOVE buying weed legally!

I mean- delivered to your door?

All I had to do was link people to our products through social or whatever. They give us all the tools to be successful, with insta posts and videos, live webinars, recordings, group chats, and a facebook group. So click below and get signed up for free. You can be a customer, an affiliate, or both! I'm both- most of us are!

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Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Tim Berger and SMS Phone Leads are NOT Recommended (Yes- Scam)

I have been trying to NOT write this email.
But I can't stay in integrity,
and my conscience won't let me keep quiet.



I was a huge fan of "Sms Phone Leads",
and even made the best converting sales video for it.
Any research would see that I really liked his stuff.
But as he made changes, I stuck by them,
but then I noticed something...
  • Certain features stopped working, but he said nothing.
  • He'd announce a new feature was "coming", COLLECTED MONEY FOR IT, and then NEVER DELIVERED
  • He'd make new opportunities, promise all this stuff with them, and then would only deliver about half of it before making the newest announcement.
  • He billed people for a "rotator" that NEVER delivered a SINGLE hit.
  • AND THEN, this caught me -

Despite always bragging about his lifestyle,

he had to beg his list for money to bury his own father.


Honestly, my heart went out to the guy.


That's embarrassing, but I thought it was gutsy

to admit it, and have a sale to generate what he needed.


He made all sorts of offers

and promises if people would buy stuff from him.


I gave him some ideas to get what he needed,

and he made all sorts of offers and promises and deals

if people would get stuff from him.


I respected that.


I even gave him $500 for access to an opp of his. Here's his text:


As you can see, I sent him $500 to help him bury his father, 
and he made promises to provide access to his opp...
He answered EVERY text when I was sending money.
But then, three weeks later.


Now it's two months later, and he has NEVER DELIVERED.
Yes- I have emailed him, texted him,
and called his personal cell.
I have left him voicemails, fb messenger'd.
I left the door open, asked if there was some way to help,
offered to be understanding if he was in a bind.


I heard nothing back, yet he continued to promote stuff
Honestly, I thought maybe something had happened to him.
Maybe he was just dealing with too much grief.
(A lot of you know I'm a softy, and so I gave him the benefit
of the doubt.)
But, apparently, it was none of that.



Lacking other information, this is the behavior of someone who is,

plain and simple… a scamming loser, and his observable behavior

and what I've heard from others follows that.


Maybe it's a substance abuse issue or some other personal problem.
HONESTLY- As much as I really didn’t want to,-
I started doubting that his dad even died.
(I mean,who would shame their own father's memory like that?)
Then I noticed just how many other people
had stopped promoting him and his stuff.
Big names, who were on board with him
had stopped and moved away from him.
And yet, I still saw him sending out more
of the same BS promises to his email list:.
"SMSPL is going to change"
and "I'll offer you..."... "Email list lessons..."

Seems like more lies just to grab some cash out of trusting people.

and I cannot keep my mouth shut anymore:

I usually hold my tongue but I, even I lost it and fired this off to him 

More lies just to grab some cash out of trusting people.
and I cannot keep my mouth shut anymore:

Until further notice, and likely indefinitely,

I am taking the following actions(or lack thereof), and



NO MORE dealings with him, even if you choose to

continue to use some of his products that you already own.


BUT If you have a recurring bill,

I would cancel it, since you aren't getting anything from it anyway.
I have done my best to get in touch with him,
but he has been ducking me for weeks.
If I were his father, I'd be ashamed that I raised him.
Sorry, but that's it- This was my last message to him after I got him to respond to an anonymous number:
- Bones

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

It's like an "I Love You" For Your Wallet!

 I should share these more often, but the truth

is that sometimes it gets embarrassing.

Because you can get paid EVERY DAY from somewhere,

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But instead, get started in a position where you can earn BIG numbers like this:


All it takes is for YOU to take it seriously,

and move forward instead of "dipping your toe", and all of that stuf that HAS NEVER WORKED IN ANYTHING anyway.

Put in the work, and find the people.


- Bones


PS- You can do it

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