Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Tim Berger and SMS Phone Leads are NOT Recommended (Yes- Scam)

I have been trying to NOT write this email.
But I can't stay in integrity,
and my conscience won't let me keep quiet.



I was a huge fan of "Sms Phone Leads",
and even made the best converting sales video for it.
Any research would see that I really liked his stuff.
But as he made changes, I stuck by them,
but then I noticed something...
  • Certain features stopped working, but he said nothing.
  • He'd announce a new feature was "coming", COLLECTED MONEY FOR IT, and then NEVER DELIVERED
  • He'd make new opportunities, promise all this stuff with them, and then would only deliver about half of it before making the newest announcement.
  • He billed people for a "rotator" that NEVER delivered a SINGLE hit.
  • AND THEN, this caught me -

Despite always bragging about his lifestyle,

he had to beg his list for money to bury his own father.


Honestly, my heart went out to the guy.


That's embarrassing, but I thought it was gutsy

to admit it, and have a sale to generate what he needed.


He made all sorts of offers

and promises if people would buy stuff from him.


I gave him some ideas to get what he needed,

and he made all sorts of offers and promises and deals

if people would get stuff from him.


I respected that.


I even gave him $500 for access to an opp of his. Here's his text:


As you can see, I sent him $500 to help him bury his father, 
and he made promises to provide access to his opp...
He answered EVERY text when I was sending money.
But then, three weeks later.


Now it's two months later, and he has NEVER DELIVERED.
Yes- I have emailed him, texted him,
and called his personal cell.
I have left him voicemails, fb messenger'd.
I left the door open, asked if there was some way to help,
offered to be understanding if he was in a bind.


I heard nothing back, yet he continued to promote stuff
Honestly, I thought maybe something had happened to him.
Maybe he was just dealing with too much grief.
(A lot of you know I'm a softy, and so I gave him the benefit
of the doubt.)
But, apparently, it was none of that.



Lacking other information, this is the behavior of someone who is,

plain and simple… a scamming loser, and his observable behavior

and what I've heard from others follows that.


Maybe it's a substance abuse issue or some other personal problem.
HONESTLY- As much as I really didn’t want to,-
I started doubting that his dad even died.
(I mean,who would shame their own father's memory like that?)
Then I noticed just how many other people
had stopped promoting him and his stuff.
Big names, who were on board with him
had stopped and moved away from him.
And yet, I still saw him sending out more
of the same BS promises to his email list:.
"SMSPL is going to change"
and "I'll offer you..."... "Email list lessons..."

Seems like more lies just to grab some cash out of trusting people.

and I cannot keep my mouth shut anymore:

I usually hold my tongue but I, even I lost it and fired this off to him 

More lies just to grab some cash out of trusting people.
and I cannot keep my mouth shut anymore:

Until further notice, and likely indefinitely,

I am taking the following actions(or lack thereof), and



NO MORE dealings with him, even if you choose to

continue to use some of his products that you already own.


BUT If you have a recurring bill,

I would cancel it, since you aren't getting anything from it anyway.
I have done my best to get in touch with him,
but he has been ducking me for weeks.
If I were his father, I'd be ashamed that I raised him.
Sorry, but that's it- This was my last message to him after I got him to respond to an anonymous number:
- Bones

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