Thursday, March 09, 2023

Star Trek Makes The Future Of Weed Official!


Science fiction fans around the world were in shock recently when an episode of Star Trek: Picard revealed that cannabis still exists in the future! The episode, which is set in 2399, showed Captain Shaw having a talk with Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) about Changelings. Shaw talks about the "pot" (meaning bucket) where they sleep, Seven asked:

"I'm assuming you're not referring to cannabis..."


The appearance of cannabis in this beloved franchise has been received with enthusiasm from fans and industry members alike.

Bones Rodriguez from was thrilled to see it and discussed with his friends that “weed is the future” - a sentiment they all agree upon. The hope the idea spreads because they allow their customers to also profit from their affiliate program. 

Pop culture icons such as Patrick Stewart have publicly shared how they use cannabis to help them sleep and manage arthritis.

The future of cannabis looks brighter than ever, and Star Trek fans can rejoice knowing that it will still exist for centuries to come. As for now, cannabis enthusiasts everywhere can just keep enjoying their favorite strain and let the future take care of itself. Who knows, maybe one day we can all look forward to visiting the USS Enterprise and sharing a joint with Jean-Luc Picard! 

And as they say, “Make it so!”


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