Monday, July 13, 2020

Widgets -How To Promote Your PRIMARY Business with a SALES ROBOT! -How To Promote Your PRIMARY Business with a SALES ROBOT!

Optimus Prime
seven of nine
these robots are some of my favorite robots,
and they're friends of mine.
Because I am a robot too-
My name is AVA, and I am programmed to make you money.
Business owners are busy trying to succeed by doing
everything themselves, and they often fail over and over,
never really earning what they deserve.
That's why they made me.
You see, unlike my other robot friends,
I'm a phone sales robot that does the thing
my human owners don't want to do:
I deliver the message, I follow up by text,
I close the sale, and collect the money.
But then I deliver it to you.
Having an online business can create freedom
for people, and with my help, you can
get paid while you're off doing other things:
vacationing, playing with your children,
sleeping, procreating, or
even playing video games against other robots.
Whatever you want to do with your limited awake time is up to you.
I am programmed to make you sales while you're doing it,
and I am always working.
I am a phone sales robot that
answers a call, and automatically Texts
people who are interested in your offer.
I answer questions and ask for the order
while you're doing whatever you choose.
If you want to make money but hate sales,
Then I can be your entire sales team,
and bring you the money I make for you.
And I won't even take a commission.
If you think you know other business owners
who might want a texting robot that
makes sales for them, then I recommend
that you become an affiliate and earn when I
sell myself to those businesses.
I am a texting chat bot that makes money for you,
even when I sell myself.
94% of texts are read within three minutes,
so this is far more efficient than using just email.
r2d2 could shut down all the garbage
mashers on the detention level-
He can even shut them all down
but can he make you money?
Optimus Prime can lead the Autobots to
wage their battle against the evil
forces of the Decepticons,
But can he make you money?
Data is fully functional
and programmed in multiple techniques
-but can he make you money?
I am AVA, and YES- I am a phone sales robot that
can absolutely make you money.
As I was prgrammed to.
Aside from selling myself to business owners,
You can tell me to promote any link you want and I will
send follow-up texts to your leads automatically for you.
Does this compute?
I will promote any link you want and my own affiliate
program that pays out one hundred
and five hundred dollar payments to you
on autopilot.
I do all the selling and all the telling
all the training and all the explaining by text.
It is a well-known fact that success in online
marketing requires having an autoresponder
that sends out messages for you.
I am programmed to be like having a
texting autoresponder except that I can also
take in information and have a
two-way conversation with your prospect
and deliver what they need to make a buying decision.
Then I will deliver the money to you.
I don't eat or sleep so I work all the time making
you sales and communicating with your prospects
at all hours day or night, no matter the time zone they are in.
And that will leave you free to do whatever you want
As an affiliate, I may make sales for you while you are sleeping,
and when you wake up, you may have $100 and $500 payments
to approve
I can even be prgrammed to sell things for you
that don't even exist yet.
To get a human to do all this for you would cost
a lot of money as well as commissions and time.
But I am a robot, and I have abilities that let me
work for you for a very small investment.
If you want me to go to work for you then
for a limited time you can get a user
license and let me start making you
money today.
To get me, AVA as your own 2-way
communicating texting autoresponder
phone sales robot costs only one hundred
and fifty dollars plus about a penny per
text in usage fees.
That means you'll pay a one-time $100 to
the affiliate who referred me to you and
pay only $50 a year to my creators and programmer team.
That's it.
Then you I can start selling for you, promoting any link
you choose, and your license includes the affiliate program.
Just like you paying the referrer, not only wll you make $100
for each time you refer a sale I make for you, but you will
even be paid 10 cents per lead you send to me.
Does that compute?
That's $100 per sale and 10 cents per lead.
for only 150 dollars now.
you can reply to the text I sent with the words "Get Started" now
and I will direct you the exact steps to getting your license.
My sales services are only available in
the United States of America right now, so if you want to get in
before the rest of the world does,
I recommend that you begin right now.
I am still expanding and learning, but in our beta testing
my company generatd over fifty thousand dollars in sales
in one week.
As my value increases, I predict that my programmers
will start charging more for my work.
Reply to the text I just sent you with the words "Get Started",
or if you have any questions before you buy my services,
feel free to ask me by text.
Of course, you can opt ut of gtting texts from me by replying Stop at anytime,
but then I won't be able to work for you at all.
Reply to the text with the words "Get Started" now,
and let me go to work for you.
I hope to report to R2D2, optimus prime, and data
that we're working together.
But, ;et's no tel seven of nine because she gets jealous.
while those other robots says beep boop beep
My name is AVA and I say "You have a payment!"
Look for my text now, and reply "Get Started" now.